Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 2013 : White Decor and Room Organization

Finally i redecorate my room again. I want to make my room have the theme of clean and combined with all white, black, and red colors. These colors are the perfect match as my background when i really need to take my picture indoor my room. This is my play/work room which i use this room for work, editing, do arts, and play with my friends. In my room there are more facilities which you can feel happy to stay in here. Although, my room is not really big, but more than 6 people can hangout in my room. Yes, my friends do come to my house to stay in my room. We get some snacks, read comics, talk about something interesting, and watch movies together.

In my room there are one work desk which you can find my school books and my mini comic collection there. Also you can borrow some properties like school supplies and art supplies. I do art like painting and even all the white frames in my room, i made them by my self. Closets which the first one is for all the everyday clothes - formal dresses, underwear, and many accessories plus plus such as collars and also scarfs. The second closet is for the dresses and outer which i don't really use in common. The other side of my second closet, you can find shelf for my hats from sun hats - swaggie style caps, bag, and my technology supplies / gadgets. I have one small table in front of my long way down mirror for all the mini accessories like earrings, bracelets, and in the small drawer it contains my glasses collection, rings, and hair accessories.

The black mini closet below the white shelf is for my makeup, skin care, also for necklace organization, nail polishes, watches, and some unpacked gift for someone's birthday in the future complete with the shopping bag. So i don't need to buy something else in the future for my nearest friends. In my room also include the shoe shelf to organize your shoes. The way i control my room as i wanted to be. I love clean and organized room. I care from small until big details. I hope you can get inspired by the mini description of my room! Thanks!

Good luck and God Bless!

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