Thursday, May 2, 2013

Christian Siriano for Payless Gold Edition

Welcome back again to my blog! For the next 3 days i will concern to write more about everything that related to fashion, beauty, travel, and also music. I'm free and i'm here for my holiday. Yes! I will continue my study on August and i am not a High School student anymore (i believe, please imma outta here).

Two days ago, i helped my friend's mom for the bridal show competition. It's a small competition and the place wasn't really high end in Jakarta. But at least i believe we could make it until we got the trophy (sadly we weren't cause the competition politic, some finalists paid the judges!). One of my classmate join too to helped my friend's mom for that competition. The first thing which i need to prepared, absolutely heels. I confess that high heel is my current obsession and i think i don't have any problem to wear 12 cm heels - 14 cm heels because i am trained to do that. I'm not bragging but still i practiced a lot at my old modeling school. You can join it too at Darmawangsa Square, Look Inc. Models School at South Jakarta. I bet you wouldn't regret anything after you graduate! Absolutely right, you need practice before you walk in high heels. If you don't you will walk weird on the street and you will have short steps forward.

I bought first ever designer high heels from Christian Siriano. I got the heels from Payless Jakarta in Central Park Mall. Until now it costs $66, freaking expensive for me. Come on, i am just 17 year old girl and spent $66 for high heels ?! Crazy.. But the bad thing was "oh i can't handle my self even i am now talking to my own self." If you buy this heels in the US maybe the price will not be so expensive same as here. You know, tax and extra costs make this heels > EXPENSIVE! Finally i got it! I bought it at the store and $66 (was including discount). Kinda crazy but it is worth it! I able to wear this to the next special event or occasions. I used my own money to buy this (cry deeply). Sensitive when i see back my wallet and now $10 is just staying inside my wallet.

I posted before in Instagram, i showed that i adore really adore this heels. Follow my instagram to know more update because i am just a fashion freak. I love many weird things, no bet i am having random personality. Go gogogo follow and see more info at my blog next! 

Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. treating yourself every once in a while is (well thats what i tell myself) but those heels are soo worth! the colour and make is beautiful

    1. you make me feel better cause at first i think i will not have this kind of heels..Cause i really love to save my many a lot more lately, lol! :')
      Glad you love it too! <3