Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Mina Kwon's Design Inspired GET OUT !! Cap, Glasses - HAMMER Korea, Outer - ZARA

"It's the time to relax, think about your dream, run for it, work hard for it, because your own highest dream is actually your own future bridge..."
-Margareta Vania-

Short post but sure. I've been looking for awesome free time but i think i finally get what thing which i wait for. Break from activity and school. It's already 4 weeks or 1 month i have been at home. I mean not only at home read my books, watch movie marathon, and learn korean//english literature. At least i am spending my time to get fresh air outside my bedroom window. Lately i'm not feeling fine, like i feel my heart ache too much. Even the pain is still there and i even can't explain anything about that. I better run a little bit forward to forget past which already did happen. I just hope the rest of you are having fun with your dearest friends and family. Don't forget to watch my short video diary! Have Fun!

Good luck and God Bless!

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