Thursday, May 30, 2013


 Outer - ZARA, Crop Top - RAMPAGE, Skirt - SIMPLICITY, Necklace & Rings - La Dulce, Earing - GD's Unicorn horse earring inspired style

Rainy day, nothing can i do except feed my baby. Who my baby is huh? Of course my blog. Quick post i think can make my feel better, i bet all of you are waiting for the newest update. I have so many stuffs which i need to review on my blog. So i think i can give my time more to let my blog refreshed by newest updates. Tomorrow it will be my graduation and i'm going to give my speech in front of some people. Hope for a great luck and thanked i am outta here, bye high school! I know my harsh and bad experiences already happened due my high school times. But i grow up from problems and rivals. I watched "Dream High" again for the second time full from episode 1 - 16. I learn alot again about dreams and realities which we can find easily everyday. But the one who control everything is yourself. Myself. I am the role of my own movie of life.

Good luck and God Bless!

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    1. Hello anny welcome again to my blog!
      thankyou your blog too<3
      come again soon