Friday, June 28, 2013

Out of The Tones

Devil Beanie - Pastel In Jewellery, Outer - TOPSHOP, Inner Tank - Dolce and Gabbana, Pants - LOGO Jeans, Heels - Marie Claire, Glasses - my own random collection

My precious style is just simple but personally i love to be a crazy fashion drunker. Like how can you make everything simple looks so fashionable. I think you need to know about that. How you can bring your body on public with confident that's what make you look fashionable and chic. You are young, why you don't take your time for it? I'm going to have my travel trip tomorrow. Honestly i really want to update some makeup tutorial today, but nothing predictable..i can't! I need to go to the church and packing. Hope you guys understand!

Good luck and God Bless!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Fresh

 White Sunny Hat - from Bangkok, Muscle Tank - New Look, Bando - New Look ,Skirt - ZARA, Shoes - Converse

Get your summer time ready with a great and simple muscle tank. I think that's a great idea to have some thin layer on your body while everything goes to hot outside. Well about the skirt, the camera little bit washout the details on it. It actually goes with neon green line details. But it's okay! It's still looking good right? O yea by the way isn't look perfect if i get tanner and of course wear this outfit? What do ya think about that? My hand was got sun burn like last week so thank you for the good lighting effect you brighten up my hands from a big a.k.a huge mess. lol. Anyho for some of you who don't know what bando is, it is actually a mini top that cover your bra. Like a stretch material bikini top. Yea you know what i mean. I don't want to explain inappropriate thing =p

Video version, play it! The background sound is really chillin. I hope you guys love it! 

Good luck and God Bless!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Next Blogpost + Videos + Holiday Break Update [Info]

1. So here i explain that i will go to have holiday break. I'm going to 'travel trip' with my family. I definitely will take so many photos there with summer outfits. I hope all of you will happy to see them coming soon on my blog. I bought so many things lately with my own money, so i really want to use them on holiday time. It will start on 29th June 2013 - 6th July 2013. I honestly just remember 2 cities which are semarang and solo. Both of the cities are having so many good traditional - modern destination. Really curious and get excited about that! The last city maybe will be Yogyakarta. I don't know yet.

2. Some people already ask me about beauty tutorial like everyday makeup in natural way, eyebrow tutorial, and how to make you look younger. Well definitely i will work for that and uploaded all videos on my youtube channel and updated also on my blog.

3. I got sunburn easily. Now i'm having sunburn and it stays, yeap still there.. Some of you also ask me how to erase that mark from your skin. I just use a night lotion and Vaseline that has Vitamin B3 (UVA/UVB Protection) twice a day. It will make your skin better in one week. Normally the mark will be gone in 2-3 weeks.

4. Don't forget to follow my social media accounts to give more request or ask me free on anywhere you want to ask. About beauty, fashion, and social related. Lately i really like to give replies to all of my readers (my worldwide friends,xoxo) on facebook. So just add my facebook and i will accept it! Ask something that you curious about.

New vlog update, click to watch my daily activity as blogger too! Don't forget to subscribe me on youtube guys! Click here to go to my channel :]

Thankyou for people who already see me, LIVE and i'm exactly living in this world. I appreciate that!
For people who ask 'did you get eyelid surgery?' No, i never want it too.

Good luck and God Bless!

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

No, It's absolutely not a monochrome!

Outer - The Executive, Top - ZARA, Jeans - LOGO, Earring - New Look London, Beanie - Boy London, Bracelet - Random store, Socks - TOPSHOP, Shoes - Charles & Keith

I don't know why i'm becoming a huge fan of black and white. But it's totally boring if you don't add jewelry pieces. Especially gold or rose gold jewelry pieces. I think i am the one young girl who really love bright red lipstick during the day also. Summer is already in front of our eyes, why you don't try to use bright lipstick? I think the red lipstick is totally suitable for any occasion. Being fashionable is not all about try to look awesome with too much stuffs on your body. White t-shirt and plus jeans are perfect enough! 

Good luck and God Bless!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Break a leg!

 Cap - Juice Ematic, Inner - MANGO, Knitted Outer - somewhere from f(x) mall, Jegging - LEVI'S, Wedges - The Little Things She Needs, Bag - CÉLINE

(new stuff from : New Look , nails earring)

It's a great day spending my time with my friend. Sadly we spent more money again for discount of Jakarta Great Sale and went shopping at New Look Central Park Mall. Damn! I couldn't handle with all cheap prices. I got one bando (stretch top like a bra), muscle tank, and 2 new earrings. Actually buy 2 get one 1 free for all accessories, but i gave one free for my friend Lisa. Well she already helped me a lot with blog stuffs, etc. Especially for outdoor blog shoot. Well now i will go to the Zumba dance class, see ya! 

My own life quote of the day :

In every dream there must be sacrifice. There is definitely something you 'Let it go' if you want to realize a dream. Not just a dream but maybe a lot of the dreams you want to achieve. If you have never felt and making a sacrifice, it means you never have a dream. Or you've got but you have no intention to be better.

-Margareta Vania-

VIDEO FINALLY UPDATED! Read the description please, thanks!

Good luck and God Bless!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Journey in Jakarta - Reunited with My Old Close Friend

 (without makeup at all)

Smooch Frozen Yogurt at Central Park Mall, West Jakarta, Indonesia

Nothing feel the best when you meet your old friend. I met my old friend last month. She is my Indonesian best friend since i was in kindergarten. Nothing last than beautiful friendship between these two crazy humans. lol. She came from Jakarta but now she lives in central java i believe. We had so much fun with frozen yogurt.

 (yellowish lighting)

(make this little bit softer, everything looks yellow)

Fiesta Steak at Central Park Mall Food Court Area, West Jakarta, Indonesia

Steak, always be my favorite meal. I had an awesome lunch with my blogger partner lisa at Fiesta Steak, Central Park Mall, West Jakarta. Well with reasonable price and the truly it was taste great. Foods always be around me. No doubt! By the way i really love to get nostalgic with old events, so my favorite music for this week will be 1 Year Station and Butterfly from G-Dragon. These two songs are so chill. 

Don't forget to check my mini haul video, here! and my room tour plus you can see my shoe collection there, here!

Good luck and God Bless!

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Saturday, June 15, 2013


 Mina Kwon's Inspired Design "Get Out!!" Cap, Tee - MANGO Jeans, Black Gradient Jeans - LOGO, Sneakers - NIKE, Backpack - MCM Leopard Series (which you can't see lol)


 GDragon's Accessory style - Pink Horse Earing

Took a photo first before we had some lunch. Such a great day, I heard Jakarta would raining but yesterday was too hot. I got tanner again. Everyone was so friendly especially all VIPs. I even asked to some people "I want to join the queue with this type of ticket, do you know the exact place?" "sorry, what time is it?" "do you really want to listen to the security because he said that we need to keep sit down while the concert is starting?" It was such an amazing honor to be one of lucky VIPs who live in Indonesia.

ONE OF A KIND - Tattoo 

I really love how creative Indonesian VIPs were. I felt like "oh my gosh, am i in Japan right now?" So many interesting unofficial goodies - official goodies which you could easily get at the venue area and some people outside the venue were selling those and offer us a discount or special price. I even didn't buy official goodies because I better ask my friend in Korea. I have YG Official Member Card but but yesterday I didn't get any discount. In Korea, people who have YG Member Card will get  a discount or even a special price from the store.

Nothing better than took photos beside the official banner. I even don't understand until now, yesterday many people took pictures in front of "Bank Mega" or "Bigdaddy" as their background and they didn't take pictures with GD banner as their background. Was that stupid duh? Were you falling in love with 'Bank Mega" so much? lol

One girl went directly to us (me and lisa). She said that she was need our help. We need to answered all the 120 easy questions because at that time she was doing her project "get to know more about people who love korean pop or kpop in Jakarta". All the things which we did just, answered with [V] {check sign} on the tables that available on that paper work such as "Really Agree" "Agree" "Not Agree" "Not Agree At All". Well we helped her though =]

We had an amazing lunch at Solaria restaurant. We ordered Spaghetti Bolognaise and Nasi Goreng Seafood or Seafood Fried Rice, for drink I just ordered Teh Tarik (Milk Tea) and my friend already brought her own drink. If you know MEIS Area is so damn big with an amazing beach view and  this place has really clean white sand. At the ground floor of MEIS, there is a small mall called "Ancol Mall" because this place is exactly located in Ancol Dreamland Holiday Park Area or Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. We can also go to the bank, shopping, having lunch at our favorite restaurant and stay cool/chill because we need Air Conditioner. Yesterday, the outdoor area was too hot. So that's why many people and also us (me and lisa) brought umbrella. We wore hats too.

These were the condition at the venue area. We could go to shop anything which we wanted too. We took many photos as we can. We had lunch and felt the fresh tanning sun light, HAHAHA. But it was so incredibly amazing, we met so many friendly people. We didn't bash each other like some other unwisely fanbase (you know what i mean, alay alay). We helped each other. You can see from the photos, many people already opened their own umbrellas. Yeap, it was too hot. But we didn't feel any worry, some people were selling cold drinks with the official uniform from many kind of brands. So it's official healthy drinks. I didn't want to buy fake drinks and died before the concert was started. lol


We were queuing from 12.30 and we went inside on 14.00. But it was crap, I went outside again because the security took my camera out. I really wanted to film a little bit because i need to post about the fancam and also share the exclusive own collection now. I paid Rp 50,000 which really expensive for just one small locker. Shitty security took my foods which was still new. I knew it damn security "I WON'T EAT BECAUSE I BET I GOT BUSY CAUSE OF GD's awesome concert" ad secondly "I NEVER WANTED TO 'SELLING A FANCAM VIDEO' "

Lucky! I brought my blackberry with yea enough quality camera for take photos from far away and even better for really close way. Also i brought my iPod and the last my friend brought her digital cameras + her blackberry. Magically her blackberry could record everything with longer period. We were being press the other day, so we took a lot of pictures for fanbase. We were at the festival venue and went first inside the concert venue on the fast track line. (Even i didn't buy any fast track ticket, i didn't know that because the security said that to moved).


i put details in every pictures : iPod and Digital Camera.

G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong) was smiling a lot and waving a lot to the right side of the stage. Well me and my friend were at the right side of the stage. I know the quality of these pictures are not in high quality at all (because I didn't use a high definition camera). The security took my camera out from my bag. I knew the "rules" but maybe yesterday was my last time to watch him on stage, that's the reason why I want to brought my HD Camera. I live in Indonesia, I will never know that he will come back again to Jakarta or not (even he promised "I'll forget all of you so please don't forget me. I promise i'll comeback with my brothers, BIGBANG again next time to Jakarta").

He has a yellowish skin, not too pale but not really tanned either. He has a really nice smile in real life. He gave all of us so many blow kisses yesterday. Such a happy day for me! You never understand if you are not a big fan of him. He is just more than an idol for me. He is my inspiration! I love his songs and I always buy his albums from the online stores. It's hard to find original kpop album in Jakarta. I know it is totally suck!

He showed us his sexy wink. My favorite part was when he did bite his lips, oh my gosh..all of us just faint because of it. I know, I can;t get over him, but so what? He always does bring positive feeling for me and other VIPs around the world. He also my fashion inspiration. He always up to date to the newest fashion trend and he makes his own fashion trends to public. From his unique hats collection - shoes.

GD sang his famous new song called MichiGo and than his best another crazy unique songs, they were Crayon, One of A Kind, and That XX (Geu Saekki). GD sang his solo songs also from his first solo album "Heartbreaker" they were A Boy, Heartbreaker, Breathe, Butterfly feat Jin Jung, The Leaders feat Teddy and CL (but two of them were not coming, GD sang this song with virtual CL appearance), She's Gone feat Kush, and 1 year station. Continue again with another his solo songs such as This Love (with background music This Love from Maroon5) and Nightmare (Obsession). I honestly forgot about the rest because i just felt with the music. I really enjoyed the show!

GD virtual wore his costume from MichiGo MV came out to the stage with "bboing bboing bboing" "jump jump jump" sound effect and many other funny cartoon sound effects came out with his cute actions. He was so funny! He said "what? you want more" exactly answered all Indonesian VIPs who screamed "WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! JIYONGIE JIYONGIE! ENCORE ENCORE!" but the virtual GD responded "GET OUT!!" and all of us screamed "NO WAY! WE WANT MORE!" and he continued the solo concert after ha changed his outfits. 

TOP (Choi Seung Hyun - Tabbi), he was the hottest member in bigbang. The lead rapper and he has strong deep voice. He has deep charisma but truly inside his mind, he is such a 4D man. He really loves his mom and close too G-Dragon as partner, even we called them GTOP. They made a great duet album and made a famous club hip hop song (partnership with Diplo) named High High. We were dancing together with them at the concert and followed their style when these words came "say hi hi hi hi high say la la la la"

G-dragon brought 3 songs with TOP, they were High High, Knock Out and the last was bigbang's song. TOP also sang his solo hip hop song called Turn It Up. Sadly TOP didn't come out often because this is G-Dragon's solo concert.  But next time I hope, I can see TOP's solo concert too. Because many of Indonesian VIP are falling in love with him. I personally choose GD as my bias, but TOP is also a great inspirational person with funny personality. He is so handsome in real life. When he was smiling,...I felt a strong charisma around him.