Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fake Countryside Life

  Top + Outer - New Look London, Short - LOGO Jeans, Studded Flat - Flawless fashion  (Instagram / Twitter)

 Rings - LaDulce

Photos by : Lisa // Me

Do you ever feel lazy to dressed up but you wanna still looking like "i deserve to be here with this outfit". I feel exactly the same with you guys. Well in this life you only can feel the 17 year old time once. I don't want to waste my 17th moment with looking so fake with many branded stuffs which i can show you off. Act like i am the celebrity and wear deep red lipstick. I want to have fun, i want to feel the free air, run for a discount shopping, shop my favorite t-shirts, and travel around the delicious foods. No one can stop the moment when you really need to act mature. When maturity hits your life, you never can run like a damn freakin teenager again. You've grown up! You need to shape your manners differently from how teenager does. Thin layer of makeup, just let your hair feels the wind, t-shirt + unique outer, jeans short, and flats are the perfect combination for summer/spring and young feel. You never can say "t-shirt and jeans are not fashionable" They are the basic things which you can have in your wardrobe collection. With the confident and own personality you will make a great dimension to look simply fashionable and stay chic as 17 year old girl. Never get old!

Don't forget to check my quick room tour, well i love to see another people's room because you spend most of your time in your room, so why you don't want to check this video out? Have Fun! 

Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. I love this outfit!! You are right about embracing your teenage years and having fun. :) You look great with this fringe vest and I love all the little details like your rings and studded flats! Wonderful look. :)

    1. Thankyou for your thought! comeback again soon Seoul Sold! :)

  2. Havaianas ✌ I did not think they were so successful out there.. I'm from Brazil and is here on they manufacture.. This is cool. Well, I like your outfit, simple but cool :


    1. Hello anny from nastylady...i like your site too, well i hope you have a great day..thanks for your thought!
      comeback again soon, xoxo