Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 2013 : Favorites and Haul 2013

 Skirt - Floureika Shop 

 Amazing Balinese Body Oils - thanked to my dad and mom for all of these bottles..

Rose hair clip - thanked to Monica, she bought the hair clips from Bangkok

"My blog is just same as a baby, i need to feed it.." 
-Sussie Bubble-

I have alot of time at home right now. Maybe i just spend my whole time for foods, sleeping, read books, mini exercise, and blogging. My father brought my macbook with him. That's why i can't film my June Favorite and new stuffs. Because of that i will show some of the stuffs here first. I hope tomorrow i can film my next youtube video about June Favorite and new stuffs. The rest stuffs were coming from MANGO, THEFACESHOP, and AVENUE store. So i will feature all the rest stuffs via youtube video. Don't forget to check my channel and another interesting videos made by me.

I really want to thanked everyone who always visits my blog until know, finally i reached 223,000++ public readers from around the world which is insane. I even can't describe how happy i am. I hope all of you can be more friendly with me because i always think and feel that all of you aren't just some amazing readers but also my friends. Say Hi! if you clearly see me at the public places, it will be my pleasure to meet my readers aka my new friends LIVE! I believe you already know what i mean. Say Hi and take photos together, will be great! 

I really appreciate for people who randomly said Hi! to me and some of you said "i am your blog readers.." I also appreciate for people who asked for photo that signed with my words or autograph. I hope some of you are happy with stuffs and things which i can only give. I can't give anything except my own love feeling and my gratefulness. Thankyou and i love all of you from the bottom of my heart! Please keep read my blog and come back again soon!

finally the video is being uploaded! Happy watching!

Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. First time visiting your blog and I love it!
    the style of the blog and you are amazing!

    1. thankyou my dear, i hope you can visit mine soon in the future...
      will miss your comment..
      love your blog also..

  2. wow u are such a cutie! i love ur blog :D

    keep in touch hehe
    xx Michelle