Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Journey in Jakarta - Reunited with My Old Close Friend

 (without makeup at all)

Smooch Frozen Yogurt at Central Park Mall, West Jakarta, Indonesia

Nothing feel the best when you meet your old friend. I met my old friend last month. She is my Indonesian best friend since i was in kindergarten. Nothing last than beautiful friendship between these two crazy humans. lol. She came from Jakarta but now she lives in central java i believe. We had so much fun with frozen yogurt.

 (yellowish lighting)

(make this little bit softer, everything looks yellow)

Fiesta Steak at Central Park Mall Food Court Area, West Jakarta, Indonesia

Steak, always be my favorite meal. I had an awesome lunch with my blogger partner lisa at Fiesta Steak, Central Park Mall, West Jakarta. Well with reasonable price and the truly it was taste great. Foods always be around me. No doubt! By the way i really love to get nostalgic with old events, so my favorite music for this week will be 1 Year Station and Butterfly from G-Dragon. These two songs are so chill. 

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Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. omg syang.., mau dong meet up sekali kalii :3
    biar ada foto mejeng bareng! I love love love your blog :3

    1. ayukk kapan2 meet up! make a new blog post together..