Saturday, August 3, 2013

Beauty Review : Etude House CC Cream - Silky

Many people talk about CC Cream and i really want to try some CC Cream from Etude House. Because i don't want to look sparkly and get a lot of high light so i choose this CC Cream from Etude House with the color silky. Because the commercial says that it will make your skin look more fresh and get more nutrients better than BB Cream. But of course CC Cream is less coverage than BB Cream because it concerns for skin nutrients not high coverage for acne scars and any other blemishes.

The CC Cream from Etude House is coming with the cute simple package so you can feel you are like a damn princess who has special makeup with 8 advantages in 1 product only. So i concern to make some tests for this product about "Easy to blend" and "Stay all day long". You know sometimes you really don't have a time and just need to blend your base as fast as you can. But some products are not coming as easy to blend product and finally you get mad. Admit it sometimes if you go meet some friends and play a lot outside you need your base makeup at least can stay more longer. So it will stay along at your face so the product must be stay, so better i check with wipe test. So i share to you the EXTRA ZOOM Picture from the contains.

Blend it Test Answer :
This BB Cream really need extra time to blend. Because it feels a little bit cakey on your face. Better you combine this CC Cream with your BB Cream and mix it together and then apply it to your skin. For me, i live in tropical country which is not really suitable with this kind of CC Cream. But it doesn't mean i can not use it after i bought it right? Finally i found out the tips. So i hope you can try it blend it with your clean hand or face sponge or same as what i already said combine it with BB Cream.

8 Advantages Fact :
It's having sun protection which is so good. This CC Cream does tone up your skin to be more lighter so better you blend it perfectly if you don't want to look same as a clown. Yes, it does have a smooth texture. I don't think this product it's stress relief for me, but better you check it out for your self. Yes, this CC Cream really make your skin look more healthy without hydration feeling.

Wipe Test Answer :
After you apply your CC Cream and wait for 5 minutes, it does absorb to your natural skin. That's meaning so good for me because it is coming as natural base, skin care, and skin nutrients. But after you wipe it with your tissue it does give you like a pinkish and orange color to the tissue. I can't imagine how i wipe my sweat and see some CC Cream on my tissue. It's just like 'i have a lot of foundation on my skin'. But rather than that, i feel okay with this CC Cream and i still recommend it for teenager. Because the price is not expensive at all and yeah it comes with cute packaging. Easy to bring to every places you want to go.

Thankyou for the partnership Korean Le Beauty, if you want to order the CC Cream / any other products with reasonable price from Original Etude House you can contact this by blackberry pin (for Indonesian Only) : 2150F474 and it will be arrive at your house after 2 weeks pre order, originally it's coming from South Korea ;) Happy to try! Don't forget to add the pin! ^_^


Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. that is has SPF30! It looks like a great product.

    1. yeap it is, hope you can try out and share about the thought too...the price isn't really expensive for the first try for the CC Cream. Rather than try out chanel's which is freaking expensive for the first try of the cc cream,..

      comeback again soon