Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beauty Review : Etude House Dear My Blooming Eyes - Mesmirizing Orange

Hello guys, i'm coming back again to my blog with no fashion post today. I already shared about the Etude House CC Cream - Silky few days ago, you can click it here if you want to read and see the review about how the CC Cream works on your skin especially if you are not korean and you are not familiar with it. For today i'm coming back again with anothe Etude House product which is the adorable eyeshadow ever. From the Dear My Blooming Eyes and the color is Mesmirizing Orange. So it's glittery or sparkly but it is having a good intense orange color to brighten up your eyes. So the packaging it's so freaking adorable and you can follow the instructions from the box if you can flip it over at the back.

Etude House old eyeshadows are so famous as the worst pigmentation ever for makeup. Even so many westerns and asians said that long time back ago. But now Etude House really works a lot to make so many good quality eyeshadow with high pigmentation but still looking so natural. Like you are naturally have beautiful shimmer around your eyes. lol it's not making any sense but yea you know what i mean. So i give you some swatches from the eyeshadow.

It's actually depending on your camera and computer screen resolution but the real color is prettier than this. The orange color is coming so natural on my hand. How can it be possible right? I hope all of you can enjoy this quick review and if you want to get the same one as me or try another beauty products from korea you can add this Blackberry pin and ask what products which you need. It will be there at your house safely.

Thankyou for the partnership Korean Le Beauty, if you want to order the Eyeshadow / CC Cream / any other products with reasonable price from Original Etude House you can contact this by blackberry pin (for Indonesian Only) : 2150F474 and it will be arrive at your house after 2 weeks pre order, originally it's coming from South Korea ;) Happy to try! Don't forget to add the pin! ^_^

By the way this is my new vanity table display. Actually this table has one drawer originally made to be the one part of the mini vanity. So i just sit on the floor like  typical asian old women do and do my makeup or skin care routine. You probably can't see the mirror while you sit down but i usually use like a small standing mirror so i can see my skin close up and clean / do my makeup more evenly. How is it? Such a nice simple vanity right? Say yes, just make me a lil bit happy. lol! I use my grandma's old thingy to and make it into a lipstick holder and mini nail polishes holder. So it looks really neat and tidy. I will buy more mini 4 drawers again soon to put all my eye stuffs in there. Wish me luck to save more money for all room redecorate!


Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. Didn't apply on ur eyes? Ohh shame. Wanted to see ur beautiful eyes T.T -Jesse

    1. i will upload my eyes review soon then ;) kekekekek

  2. great review :) i followed via GFC, pls check my blog too and maybe follow back ;)
    nice to meet u, im aMiRa :D ~ amz88 Punky Bunny Blog, xoxo

  3. awhhh nice entry and you're such an organized person! -3- http://azwaa.blogspot.com

  4. oh!!! I have the bashful Orange!
    your palette seems more vibrant and colourful lol~
    ahaha The colours in your palette are really pretty!!
    thx for the review~~
    please check out my review/blog? I reviewed the Bashful Orange palette~
    Charrmyn [Click!~]
    xxox Charmaine

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