Monday, September 2, 2013

Giveaway : My Fourth Giveaway to Celebrate Big Bang 7 Fantastic Years - 7th Anniversary Giveaway!

New Giveaway Theme for today is Big Bang is VIP! + Appreciate our Kwon Leader (remember his bday right?)

I'm VIP since bigbang first debut on stage, no lie ever as a VIP! Because i really want to give my participation trough the event, i will give these stuffs away for world wide VIP who really want to own this fan shirt, Tattoos from GD World Tour 2013, Post card + Sticker, and Big Bang is VIP GD keychain design. I know it's late because i delay my GD World Tour giveaway because the stuffs weren't here until now. Something problem happened with the package which means i'm mad right now. But anyway nothing can stop me to share some free happiness to world wide VIP. A little bit treat from me to you guys!

How to join this giveaway is simply easy! Just follow each step okay!

-Follow this blog : see at the right side of the blog you just can follow my blog with your email account or twitter.
-Add me on facebook!
-Follow me on twitter and instagram! (@margaretavania / Margareta Vania)
-Don't forget to send me an email to : with the title : B7GBANG Anniversary Giveaway , tell me about every random thing about your relationship with BIGBANG or how long you have been stayed as VIP...
-Mention me on twitter @margaretavania tell me that you already finish all the steps with hashtag #B7GBANGgiveaway

Hope some of you can win this 'not really huge' stuffs, at least they are free waiting for a home!


THE WINNER IS : Tiara Aprilia 


Also don't forget to join another giveaway - my back to school giveaway right here!

Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. Kak, ngirim e-mail itu isinya apa ? Cuman judul-judul doang ?

    1. isinya terserah kamu mau apa's all up to you! be creative to write an email ... write the mssg in english, indonesian, or korean it's all up to you!

      hope you win!

  2. thanks for following me pretty :) i've done followed you back :D

    1. thankyou for your past comment for follow each other cause i can discover more fashion posts from your blog..

      God bless