Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Journey in Jakarta - School Food The New Modern Korean Restaurant in Jakarta

School Food Blooming Mari Restaurant, Central Park Mall, West Jakarta

Traveling except find new places to go, i think nothing good than try countryside dishes combined with modern feel at School Food Blooming Mari Restaurant. I tried this restaurant because my friend Lisa really wanted to go there for some reason. Well because i really fall in love with Korean Ramen Noodles so better i try this one. After i really go after for Japanese Ramen which is good! The services were so great, all the staffs were greeting us with "Annyeong Haseyo! 안녕하세요!" even i know it sounds a bit weird because this restaurant located in West Jakarta which is mean, not many Koreans live in here. Almost Koreans who live in Indonesia choose to stay in South Jakarta for yea they have more good places to go around South Jakarta or Central of Jakarta.

I finally ordered my Ramen Noodles with egg and slices of kimchi. The kimchi was so good, kimchi is always be good. Since i was little my grandfather always makes good kimchi for me and my family. I felt the warm feeling after i went to this restaurant. The ramen was so so, not really surprised me at all. I little bit felt the ramen was actually an instant ramen because lol i didn't want to judge but it tasted like ordinary instant ramen at super market or korean instant food stores. The ramen costs $4.5* for only one bowl of ramen. It was kinda expensive because i need to pay the nice view of the restaurant plus the taste wasn't really surprise me at all.

For the drink i was ordered a glass of drink called '4 season'. The taste was good, yeah no wonder why the drink was also expensive lol, for a little jar of drink (because it was in jar okay) costs  $3*. But i was loving away this drink, really chill me out!

Lisa ordered ordinary tea and ordered Tteokbokki. The tteokbokki was delicious with the gochujang sauce on it plus combined with kimchi. Well again the down feeling for this food was,...The taste was a little bit awkward even though it was delicious, it was taste like instant tteokbokki sauce at the local super market. I'm not trying to discredit this restaurant or do pro or contra about this. Lol but as a blogger i can write what i thought about this Korean Restaurant because since i was little i eat korean and chinese dishes a lot.

So i'm not really recommend this restaurant for you guys if you really want to try the real taste of korean dishes. But if you want to taste the medium quality korean dishes this restaurant can be your first choice then. After that the friendly and awesome services can be also the first reason why you need try this restaurant. Next time i really want to comeback and taste the Mozarella Tteokbokki, i hope it tastes better than the original one. No judge i just share my thought ;)

(*i count USD 1 = Rp 10,000)

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  1. I used to live in Japan and have awesome Korean food all the it´s so hard to find in the US...Looks so yummy!!

    1. yeap but not really that yummy :" hehehe...hope you can find some good restaurant there...