Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Journey to Central Java - The old to the modern touch of Java

Destination : Semarang, Solo, Yogyakarta, and any other small part around the cities.
This travel point is caring the cultural and views either old or modern.
Happy to see the shoots!

 Lawang Sewu - Semarang City

The beautiful Lawang Sewu building which hide so many mystery behind that. Lawang Sewu located at Semarang and the name means 1000 doors. Well many scary storied about this old building spread out, but nothing can hide the beautiful architecture of this old building.

Warung Lotus Biru - Solo City, Central Java

This is actually a restaurant with cheap prices and the foods are extremely delicious in this restaurant. But the restaurant called a 'Warung' which means a cheap place to find some foods. Well everything was worth it at that time. Such a happy place to get my dinner here. Actually i had my dinner before 7PM so the restaurant wasn't really full. 

 Rumah Batu - Batu, Solo City, Central Java

I was staying in this hotel. Really warm and comfy with all old mixed with modern touch together. The building was actually made by a natural stone but the rest was designed as a minimalist building. I don't know why the architecture is really beautifully combined together. I had my breakfast done and the omelette was so delicious.

 Soto Rempah - Solo City, Central Java

Another warung again, they sell the most delicious soto near my place there. Because actually i have an old house at Solo city which means i can travel more a lot around Central Java. Back to the topic, this soto was cost at least $1 each bowl. You can choose the bowl size which is coming with two kinds of bowl. Small one and the big one. You can also try out the snack on the table such as tempe goreng, tempe mendoan goreng, and many more. Tempe is a food made by soy beans that fermented and when it fried with a hot oil...emmm the taste is so perfect ;p *adore traditional foods too*

 Mountain - Karanganyar area which near Yogyakarta City

Well at least we need to run away a bit from a city and feel the fresh air from this mountain. Try some hot drinks at the local villagers' warungs. You can't beat the traveler feeling around my family. We love to try everything from the cheap until even we spend a lot of money try something with the pricey tags, not bragging but it's the point of traveling. Buy something memories and stuffs to remember.

 Found a dog in a car, don't worry the window was opened by the owner so the little dog could take a breath easily.

Starbucks - Ambarukmo Plaza, Yogyakarta

We need to waste my time around yogyakarta, after we were done for a dinner stop at one chicken restaurant in Yogyakarta my father was need to find a wifi spot or hot spot. So ended with starbucks. Well nothing worth it than a latte and caramel chocolate. 

Good luck and God Bless!

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