Sunday, September 29, 2013

Random : Breaking

Random day to take some shoots. The outfit shoot will be separated from this post although this post is also containing fashion thingy. I just want to share some poses that maybe you and i like. 

I just feel so random lately. Nothing to do except read some thick books from my university. Yesterday i just finished my gathering, in Indonesian almost people will call it "makrab" or "malam keakraban" which is mean togetherness in one night or more.

I just spent one day with my seniors because International Relations is the new major in my university so we just needed one day. The bad thing happened. I got some injuries and scratches around my body. It's not too serious but my skin is the type that can't get quickly recovery. I just hope my skin is going to back in normal condition again before my birthday :"D Another problem is my skin is way going to be darker because bad sun burn that i got. lol i know it was a fun day, but now i'm looking out my skin....i just feel a little bit dull. It's not healthy tanning, you know what i mean. I hope these things aren't happening to you guys, it's totally hard to make our skin back to normal condition without skin care. 

Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. that's so cool of you!!

  2. This is my very first time visiting your blog

I'm amazed!
    You have such a gorgeous style.

    kisses from Australia :*

    Ichi and Pristan