Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 2013 : Mini Haul and Get To Know Me


Lol yea i get tanned so much plus my skin is breaking out. Please do not mind and just here me talk about my self. Better you know me a little bit before you try to make me down or something. Few days ago i got bad comments on my blog, it's okay but i think i always try to appreciate all of you... why you can't appreciate me? share your comment in a good way so i can make my self better next chance. But i don't like if someone says bad trashy words on my blog. Sorry! 

By the way every time i do my own haul, i buy all the things by my own money. I'm working already while i also active at the university. Sometimes my parents give something for me too as a gift. Don't take it too negative because i just want to share these stuffs that maybe some of you really want to get the same stuffs as me. Please be kind,...i can't force all of you to like me but at least before you judge better you think it first. Do you want to make me feel want to be a better person or just want to make me feel failed? ;)