Tuesday, September 10, 2013

[Invitation] Fashion Seminar of KULTURFEST2013 - FIB Universitas Indonesia

I finally can meet some of you officially. Psst, i get tanned! *i even do not need to share this in front of you lol* Back to the topic, yeah i finally can meet you at the Seminar/Talkshow/Chat because i don't want to make everything goes to formal. I know i'm still young enough to be speaker for a Seminar/this event at the best state university in Indonesia, Hello University of Indonesia!

I'm going to see you - Sept 17th 2013 4PM and clearly can see where is the place from the poster invitation! It's free! Don't forget to follow and like their social media account to follow up more information, maybe some timing changing or any kind of guest stars or any kind of kulturfest presents.

This event is coming from German Literature from University of Indonesia aka in Bahasa Indonesia - Sastra Jerman Universitas Indonesia which is coming as the one of a kind literature of  FIB UI (Fakultas Ilmu Pengetahuan Budaya Universitas Indonesia)

POP ART, it's honestly the theme for this event. POP ART is the combination of many generations that came into one amazing piece of art. That is the POP art actually means. I'm going to share about my thought which is "Fashion is a part of our culture" because it's dedicated for Culture that can go in perfectly to Indonesian's culture mixture with many backgrounds from our own citizens. 

Ditunggu kehadiran dan partisipasi kalian untuk mendukung generasi muda tampil baik untuk berbusana tetapi tidak berlebihan sesuai dengan culture yang ada di Indonesia. Berpakaian dengan baju bermerk belum tentu menandakan anda lebih baik tingkatannya atau bahkan terlihat lebih baik. Mau tau kan gimana cara menyesuaikan untuk tetap tampil oke, sesuai dengan umur, fashionable atau menarik, dan tetap berada di garis aman karena dari dulu baju-baju daerah kita saja sudah termasuk fashion items loh! Tunggu jawabannya di KULTURFEST2013 FASHION SEMINAR!


ps : this is not called bragging okay, cause i got some bad non sense comment cause he/she didn't say his/her name... lol this is funny because you exactly want me to stuck in the dark place..everyone is need to having dreams, even it's too high..but i don't want to be somebody, i want to be me. You can do anything if you fight for your life. I am not saying "i am the most humble person" on earth. I love branded stuffs but i realize that i am still young and i am a student, i need to save my money. I hope you understand. I never try to brag or arrogant. See everything positively, i don't want to make my image bad cause only some moron said non sense on my blog. I really love all my readers, i don't want to make hate on this. If you don't like my style it's your opinion, but please never say that i'm copycat-ing someone or try to brag or try to be somebody aka wanna be. See everything from the positive way as possible before you share your bad thought cause you didn't know me.. how i fight for my life and try to make my parents believe me that i can do something better :) This is the part of no respect culture, try more respect to other people. But thanks, at the end he/she said "i am cute" which is nice end to ended the bad thought. This is the link to see my response to the Anonymous about his/her bad thought!


  1. Good luck for the seminar dear
    and thank you for following me
    following you back :D


    1. Hello Putri! thankyou so much ....your welcome because i think you are interesting..i hope i can meet you if i have a chance...you are beautiful also...
      God bless you!

      margareta vania