Thursday, September 5, 2013

Random : Upcoming Day

 these two are being my favorite, probably i will wear this to the university next week. omg there two are dope! I'm going to take photos as my newest fashion post too! These are coming from an online store, you can find them on instagram probably @mostwanted_ol

 Make my study are clean as possible and i'm going to paint this table white so everything looks light.

 I totally forget that i got this cake decoration from my friend's sweet seventeen birthday party. Finally i display it on my favorite spot in my room.

 Macaroon soaps which i mentions on my video and my fake candle there.

 I'm going to sell this 2nd hand bags at the garage fair, i hope i can attend the event. Amen! You guys like these two right? I think they are cute and it's comeback to the fashion world about full color outfits, the right one it's suitable to be combined with bright/dark colors of your outfit.

 Yeap, it's my daily private cup at my room. I always make sure that i can drink cold or fresh drink while i'm studying or working in my room. Lately, i'm back falling in love with lemon tea.

Favorite spot while i'm lazy to sit back in front of my study desk. Nothing good than this pillow table + music + phone + chocolate.

Hope all of you can enjoy your day from now on. I'm not really enjoying my day lately but i make my self to feel like i am enjoying everything. Plus, G-dragon's new song called crooked it comes and really suits me! I don't know i just feel crooked lately. So that's why i just want to have fun a bit with my life. With things which i love. Have a nice day!

Good luck and God Bless!

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    1. lol pretty sure i love to support other are so to the point..kekekeke

  2. The GD pic I saw on GIG Bloggers FB group brought me here hehehe ~~
    I love G-Dragon and Kpop ^^

    Gonna check some other posts as well and see if I'll stay as a follower ~

    1. lol...i know! i love GD! hi GD's fan!! hahahaha

  3. hahahaha in love with GD on the frame ;)

  4. sure why notttt.... :) i'm following you back..