Sunday, October 6, 2013

H&M VIP Night Indonesia Red Carpet and Shopping Premiere

Update from my instagram :

 Mike Lewis and Me - Just randomly met and took photo together, he is such a nice man and father. No judge cause almost people love him, he is a good man model too :) i adore for his achievements in entertainment world.

Long Sleeve Turtle Neck - MANGO, Skirt - New Look, Outer - Vintage outer, Accessories - La Dulce, Shoes - New Look

I went with my best friend Lisa, cause i couldn't give her any special or expensive gift...Luckily i could get her some invitation to this mega event and this is the premiere such an ever from H&M in Indonesia. I wore long sleeve turtle neck because i got injuries along my both hands. I really hate that i couldn't wear unique dress with no sleeve top. The point was "i need to get dressed femininely but yet masculine at the same time". I need some attention because so many media and inspire people at that red carpet, to seek some attention, you don't need to try so hard. Just be unique! But because i don't want to follow other people's taste so this was my outfit of the day for the red carpet. I need to run and went shopping for a long time. Of course i didn't choose to wear any long dresses or something. I was choosing an outfit that "i can go crazy with and run with it". I wait for 30 minutes to go to the cashier because i didn't end up until so late. Almost customers who went shopping until late, they were waiting for over than 2 hours queuing on the red line. I got a goodie bag and guess what? I got free small detailed bag from H&M, i believe not all people could get the same goodie bag at that time. At least that day on 3rd October was my most beautiful and lucky birthday ever.

Good luck and God Bless!

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