Monday, October 7, 2013

Random : I've been so busy for school

Me and some students of Bina Nusantara University - International Relations 2017
Please don't mind about our tired faces, we are just too tired. Lack of sleep!

Clearly i want to make you understand. I already active as student at Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta. I'm majoring international relations, well i'm not going into fashion design major because i feel i have another passion about manage relations with people from other countries even i am going to talk about the relations between more than 2 countries. I'm so busy because i need to get done all assignments and homework. I need to follow up every single thing about my next newest post so my readers are not getting bored of these personal style blog. I'm still growing. I hope all of you understand, why everything is going to be slower than past few months ago. 

I already sent all giveaway packages but the packages got little problem well when they were delivered. It's already 1 week since i put on the mail. I'M GOING TO FIX IT! So wait for it. 

I'm studying a lot and read so many books for reference. I need to get a great score at this major to show my parents that i can do better than other kids who my parents always talk about in front of me. Thank you for all the supports, even some way i'm going a little bit sad if someone said critics with harsh words, i know world is not that beautiful. Outside my comfort zone is way more evil than just a social media activity through harsh words on comment bar. But i just want you to know that i am busy because i am busy to study. I am not an important person, i am just ordinary kid who has beautiful dreams. 

"I dressed because i like the way it is, i don't want people control me and teach me too much about how to act through "fashion" because i believe each person has different styles and inspirations or role models. Each person is going to be 'act through fashion' because every person has their own way. I appreciate single of you so do you appreciate every single words that i already told above.."

No mad, no judge, no just saying,...I just want to make an announcement so everything will go clear.
I hope you guys have great days and good luck for all of you!