Thursday, October 24, 2013

Random : Pure Emotions

People  in the entire world already know that each of us really has different emotions. Today i talk about random things again on my blog. Some heart to heart talk from me and to people who read my blog especially my today post. 2 days ago i got an facebook mssg from my reader, she came from Philippine.She said "keep blogging, i really love your style. please do not care about another people who thought you aren't good enough". Lately, i always think that i am not good enough as a person and a blogger. I already have this blog for so long at least from 2009 and just active from 2011. I realize that if i stop for something that i really like, i will waste my 5 years timing include 3 years effective years of my life through blogging. 

Blog is the only way for expressing my pure emotions and my bank of thought. I really love so many things or aspects in this world which is i need to make a documentary that can stay forever and ever. The only point is internet and blog. I can save my pictures which are my documentary of my memories since i was young. I love fashion but i need to become somebody else in the future without put my love for fashion to the garbage. I need to be a person with so many knowledge so i can do business in the future. So i think this is my best decision for taking another major than a fashion design major. I hope my decision is right. But see other fashion bloggers who also work in fashion industry and as designer, i think that my self is not good at all for this. Some people always tell that i am lacking of fashion, my style is horrible, and some harsh comments which i get. Either that hars comments come from my family member or another stranger.

But i realize that some people outside who appreciate me as a person who is still growing up and still learning are still here. I need to improve for them and keep doing the thing which i think i love. I choose international relations as my major and i am going to take Multinational corporation as my speciality. Maybe i can have my own fashion line and do some business because i understand about dealing and diplomacy with other company. In case i care about fashion and understand about extra ingredients behind that. How amazing is that? Or i can be a international journalist for fashion industry? I can know more than other people just know. I can be more than a standard and i make sure my decision is not wrong at all to choose other major as my study and not choosing fashion design as my major.

A simple harsh comment can also make a person thinks a lot. But a simple support really can affect bigger to that person. I believe that every person has own journey, style, and decision. You can't easily judge and think that some people horrible if you are not even their friend. I think it's not a big deal if you kind be kind to other people and hope for the best. Fight for your self and run for your own life. If you can't be kind then just be quite. I think it's the most simple thing that you can do. 

"Fans,...i don't have any of them. I have, but they are all my friends not just as fans, even readers are my friends. Who support me always be my family, who always be there when i am not in the good condition is going to be my closest brother and sister. Haters? I don't have any either because i just have some people and strangers around me who aren't knowing me that well but judge me easily. I just want do my best and just hope maybe they can like me someday with no reason same as now they hate me with no reason at all."

ps: thankyou for sent me a mssg to my email or facebook, i love you a lot!

Good Luck


  1. waaaa inspiring kak! :D
    just ignore all those haters and just be yourself, how others sees you is so not important and keep blogging ;;)

    cheer, michelle

    1. thankyou..i think so, same for you...keep blogging even some people might not like your style...but it's the way your own self express your own emotion...your emotion is not the same like others' and your taste is also not the same like others'... we need to be wise here.. :)

  2. "A simple harsh comment can also make a person thinks a lot. But a simple support really can affect bigger to that person"
    ^^ So true! I feel the same way about blogging - it is definitely a place for us to write whatever we are feeling/thinking. Keep it up! I really like your style, especially the hats! So quirky. Looking forward to future posts~~~

    1. thankyou sonya... not only for blogging in real life we need also to be wise to take care about our everything that our own self like is way better than just follow other people's argument which is not always right and match with our own personality... :)

      Good luck for you too! KEEP FIGHT IN THIS WORLD!

  3. These pics are white and supernatural!!
    I love your golden necklace
    I follow you on GFC, hope you would follow back!

  4. i always think about indonesia when i see your photos. your face and fashion is soooo indonesian for me. dont pay any attention at the haters :D