Monday, November 18, 2013

ABSISCUP VIII - UPSIZE Closing - My Happy Ballers

WATCH THE EPIC TRAILER! :) Thanks to Happy Holiday Indonesia
as Alumni of this school, i really proud of you guys! You work so hard!

My Happy Ballers - Augie Fantinus, Mario Lawalata, Yogi Finanda, Maria Selena, Richard Insane, Ibnu Jamil, Bams Samson, and Ricky Perdana.

Honestly i disappointed for some moments. The crews said "sorry, you can't take photos with them". So many of us were being crazy shit. We ran and tried to get a photo together with at least one of the member. Like that day was only the opportunity to meet them in a closer condition. Before this event i actually already met Mario Lawalata and Augie Fantinus during fashion week and also H&M VIP Night but i didn't have any chance to talk with them and i even didn't take photos together. So what,.. i don't want to hide my image. If i like someone, i am going to show it to the people that i like. I honestly didn't get any chance again to take photo with them, but they said many things through instagram and twitter to me. Gratefully Mario Lawalata followed me on instagram and i didn't expect anything from him for that. I was so freaking happy because my mom and me honestly are his huge fans since he was young and his mom started "acting for some films". Also, i adore his brother Oscar Lawalata who is Indonesian famous designer in Indonesia Fashion Industry. I didn't take any shoot with him because some people who weren't being grateful. I took the photos of them with Mario. Be grateful  please, really even i am his huge fan, i couldn't catch up the time to took a single shoot with him. But you got the change because my camera *sorry for being harsh*, but i don't like impolite people. I do respect if you can do the same to me. (malu sama umur astaga)

In the other happiness time, Ibnu Jamil asked me to go to the center of the basketball field because i shocked, so my friend continued and she went in front with him. At least he already asked me and gave his hand on me *i was so freakin nervous*. Next, i really got envy with my friend cause Mario Lawalata and Yogi  Finanda were hitting them by a basketball. Like they came up and said "are you really okay?", they touched the girl's face. LOL that was really fangirling time, at least i wasn't becoming "alay" at the same time. Next minute, Yogi Finanda made a mistake. His basketball went to my side and he took the ball. I didn't get any fan service, honestly! But i asked for it. Forgive me ;) i asked "ka Yogi, can you hit me with your basketball? HAHAHA". He came up and he gave his hand "you can hold this. *smile". I held his hand for 5 seconds until everyone behind me was being crazy and also touched his hand. He was also being tricky and pulled my hat. He smiled, ran, and continued to play again. He was really nice and i took a photo with him. At least i got some memories from him than just kept quite and saw all Indonesian famous actors were passing by. No i am not stupid for this. Yogi, Augie, Ibnu, and also Mario replied all my tweets and commented on my instagram account. Even Mario followed mine and like some of my photos. Augie requested the pictures so he can save the copy for him self. Ibnu said funny thing of his own image that i mentioned via twitter. Yogi said "you are also kind, thankyou for the pictures. So good!". They are appreciating my works. So glad that all of you like my captures and my friend's captures also. 

Even i can't get their signed t-shirt maybe in another time i can watch them again in different event or occasion. Plus, i get the next opportunity to take their photos again :) I am really their huge fan.

It was the happiest day in November. They are kindly really kind, i can't describe it more. Like it's new motivating memories for the preparation of my midterm test. LOL! DON'T JUDGE ME! :)

Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. aaaaa. they're so cool ><

  2. aahhh yogi + mario..meleleh..

  3. The boy in the second photo is very smart. All the best to you.

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