Sunday, November 10, 2013

Beauty Review : MIZZU Eyeliner in Black and Brown

The positive things : MIZZU eyeliner is coming as the local Indonesian brand. MIZZU Eyeliner is coming with the famous words "perfect wear" because it's honestly really easy for drawing the line on your eye lines. The pigmentation is also great and it's defining your eye shapes even more. MIZZU eyeliner is coming with 2 different colors, black and brown. I use a baby effect color for my photo so it looks a little bit pale. But honestly i really like the pigmentation for this brand new eyeliner. The packaging is minimalist and i like minimalist packaging. Like i really get the point about "Perfect Wear" in 30 seconds. It's going to dry only in 30 seconds after you applied on your eye lines. No allergic at all, i already tried both of the colors on my hand and also on my eye lines. So i really recommended this eyeliner.

The negative thing : this eyeliner is not coming with waterproof chemical thingy. So i don't recommend you use this eyeliner when you really want to go to emotional occasion or go watch sad romantic movie at cinema. 

For the rest all good things indeed that i can realize. The price is just around US$3 which is so freakin cheap and you can find this brand online. I hope the online stores can ship this to your country! Woot!

Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. i'm a newbie for eyeliner but gonna try this one soon :D i still mess up using the regular one!

    Pudding Monster

  2. waa the eyeliner seems to be so nice and easy to apply on :)
    btw which kind of eyeliner one would u recommend for a newbie?

    cheer, michelle