Monday, November 18, 2013

November 2013 : Mini Haul

 Lady Gaga Fame Perfume - Black Fluid


Sorry for abandoned my blog for awhile due my preparation for my examination week. Wish me luck guys so i can pass the examination for my mid term scores. I hope i can get high scores, at least i am not going to take Semester Pendek or Short Semester which is bad in my university. It means i need to re-do my examination again / remedial. It sucks! So i don't want to get that experience for now.

By the way, i hope all of you like my new entries for this month aka mini haul. I actually buy more stuffs but i don't have a time to take shoots for each stuff. I save my money per month to buy something that i like. This month is also being my most fabulous month after last month, October. This November i got a lot experiences and opportunity to met Indonesian stars at my closing high school cup event. Like Yogi Finanda gave his hand for me and played with my hat. He was also smiling to my camera and my friend's camera a lot. Same as Mario Lawalata who was following me back on instagram. Yeap i watched My Happy Ballers at my school closing event. I took a lot of their photos and published those on twitter. You can check out, here! and on my facebook, here! I need to update the photos on my blog too as soon as possible! It's so fun and it was my happiest day after last month i got a chance to go to H&M VIP Night with all Indonesian stars. I got a guitar pik for one of the member of KZERO band. They are the new comer but their songs are good and thumbs up for them! It mixed up with indie, pop, and even ballad. I can't describe how beautiful the vocalist's voice on that time.

How about yours? Do you get something extraordinary experience?

Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. i love that socks! superrr cute :D

  2. those socks are so cuteeeeeeeee !

  3. wish you high scores for your examination !