Tuesday, November 5, 2013

THE FACESHOP Indonesia Beauty Ambassador - Top Girl 2013

 Margareta Vania - 17 year old - Jakarta, Indonesia
Me on stage. I was speaking in english and presented my voice. I sang a song from Davichi feat T-ara called We Were In Love. 

An amazing violin performance, actually it was a duet stage but almost photos of them are blur. I just posted the man violinist. Sorry for the girl :")

 Band named The Journey on stage, they are all men from LMen Male Pageant Competition.

 Me in the middle with all beautiful girls from around Indonesia.

 THE FACESHOP Indonesia Beauty Ambassador 2012

 All finalists were already being here at the venue since 4AM in the morning. How crazy was that thing? The event was being held in Kota Kasablanka Mall - Main Atrium

 The FACESHOP Booth for all people who came to visit and watch the pageant event.

Positive thing : I didn't win but at least from thousand girls in Indonesia, i was included for big 120 girls on that day. I am just being grateful because i found out new friends there. Positive activity and open up my eyes even more about competition with people from different background.

But the Sad thing : Almost girls in here felt "fucked up", why? Because sometimes competition comes with no fair play at all. 

I remembered that one girl that even couldn't stand up and presented her self,....she went to big 40 or what ever it was. No! i wasn't envy cause i believe some people deserve more. 
> I remembered though that one girl who danced gangnam style in a freaky way, almost people were shocked! She also went to the next chance. LOL! It seems funny now that some people who i saw on that day were deserve way more than just big 120. They ended "losing the competition". Some girls who came up on stage were smart, talented, and open minded. But they didn't go for the next opportunity. 
> I also saw one of the judges was from Kakao T*** Korea, what the hell. Okay Kakao T*** was our lovely sponsor but is he really knowing about how to judge on beauty pageant competition? Cause i saw a girl that i believed "OH MY GOSH, SHE IS IN ONE PACKAGE,..I BELIEVE SHE CAN WIN THIS COMPETITION" but it was ended like "you lose! i choose the girl who did gangnam style dance moves"
> I saw a girl and she presented  that in the past she was an ambassador for "censored" organization. I know it is a big position but you know what? She dressed like she was a porn star on that day. I even saw her ass on stage, she was just using her underwear on stage like, ..... wtf? Should people call her a beauty ambassador or a porn star? Sorry i don't mean to be harsh to write about this on my blog but i just share to the exact point. You need to know the right position where do you need to wear that outfit.

A Normal Beauty Ambassador does need to prove reality of being beautiful and also represent the brand to all people not only in Indonesia but around the world. I hope next time this kind of pageant does need to choose or consider people with knowledge, high full talents, open minded person, skillful person, and a person with real passionate not only wants to get SPOT LIGHT with no good reasons behind her back. I hope all judges need to be more wise and also i believe that some of my friends (finalists) on that time were already a run away model, ambassador of many organization etc, and i believe they aren't stupid to knowing the best who can exactly win this competition. 

But i glad that the winner is the person who can control her self, talented, passionate, and also talented to present this brand and tell the world that Indonesian girls are all pretty, in their own natural way. But in my opinion i don't feel glad about the unfair play on stage (at the beginning.)

please read my story in a positive way and be wise. I believe that if you were watching the competition, you could realize for what was happening on that time. In every competition i believe there were several freaky things happened. lol


  1. it's sad how business politics or even unfairness can happen in things like beauty pageants :( wish these competitions could be better in the future!

    Pudding Monster


  2. sebenernya hampir setiap kompetisi yang ada di indo emang begitu. ngak fair.... I know how you feel :')

    1. yeap..dari yang kecil aja udah unfair apa lagi dipercayakan buat yang besar :/ obvious

  3. kayaknya mgkn udah karakter indo begitu..so sad.. :(

    1. everyone already knows lah ya..ini aja lomba yang masih taraf kecil ya, bukan semacam ajang > world or universe..

  4. ikr...most of the competition in indo is not really fair enough. semoga ke deapn nya pageant2 competition makin fair and pick the winner who deserves it based on the requirements and quality!

    1. agree with you...they will bring our country to the world in front of many people from any other countries... the winner need to have capability and great attitude..

  5. Agak menyedihkan baca nya terlebih wanita yg pakaian ny sperti itu d panggung. Gak adil kalau d pikir. Aplagi aku liat muka ny aja masih cantikkan kamu. But ambil positif ny aja lah yah..semangatt :D

  6. 안녕하세요^^
    천연비누 홍보하러 블로그 다니고 있었는뎁..
    이렇게 한국인도 만나게 되네요..어째든 반갑습니다.^^

    시간되시면 저희 블로그도 들려주세요~

    1. 안녕하세요! 당신의 코멘트를위한 감사합니다. 나는 귀하의 사이트를 확인합니다.