Thursday, December 19, 2013

Beauty Review : Hello Kitty Mac Fake Makeup Brushes

I bought this online because i already saw so many reviews about this cute fake mac brushes on internet, and almost people said that "These are perfectly good for cheap and affordable brushes" and "These are so cute". I bought those because the hello kitty marks on the brushes. For cheap brushes, i think they are great enough and really suitable for traveling. It came with cute black leather pouch which i already knew, was made in china. Everything made in China and so what. It smells a little bit worse because of the leather pouch but after you wash and clean all the brushes, i think it's definitely okay. I can't describe more about this brushes because i think, all of those are suitable for me. I want to go traveling at the end of December, so i need all of these in my makeup pouch. The word fake it differs to the made in china brushes which use MAC as their brand. But i think MAC never make the hello kitty brushes edition in this color or this style of brushes. It's not a big deal because they are doing their jobs perfectly and they are soft for all skin types. I recommend this a lot!

Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. so adorableeeeeeeeee~ x'3
    i love hello kitty so much and the brushes really handy-dandy for traveling :D

    cheer, michelle

  2. Ini beli di mana say? Kemarin2 aku cari ini juga tapi pada sold out :(

    1. di ebay or via instagram banyak yang jual dear ;) kebetulan aku beli brushes ini di @toko_palugada