Sunday, December 15, 2013

Beauty Review : Some Snap Shoots of My Little Vanity

I save my own money to buy all makeup products and skin care products. Yes, i get my own money from blogging and also my parents still give me some cash each month. I really grateful for things which i already had. I just want you to know that if you want to buy something, do not always "begging" to your parents. Learn to save more money and maybe you can learn to earn your own money from side jobs which you have done. Especially if you already 18+ year old, you already mature enough to get your own money maybe applied job as a cashier, help at the local accessories or boutique, or applied to Starbucks? It's going tofeel awesome if you can get your own money from your own energy. It's all worth at the end.

By the way, i can't take some outfit photos because my skin is breaking out. I need to give my skin a rest from makeup for the shoots. I already went to skin specialist at Erha Clinic and i got their awesome treatment. I hope all of you can wait for the next post. Also end of the December, i am going to Central Java again for holiday. I'm going to visit Surabaya, Semarang, Yogyakarta, and Solo. My favorite cities as ever! But not the official destinations yet, i will confirm later... 

Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. Aaaaa I'm so jelly you own the naked2 and naked basic :")
    what a lovely vanity you have there ceee :D
    it seems you're going to have a pleasant vacation coming soon, have a fun trip ^^

    -cheer, michelle

    1. i'm just feeling grateful finally i can afford those girls' products
      hope you get an awesome vacation as well with your family!
      Have a bless dear <3

  2. koleksi makeup kamu ternyata banyaak ya..hihi kirain baju doank yang banyak xixixi
    sayang banget wajahmu lg breakout :( cepet sembuh ya darl! Biar bisa eksis lagi :D


    1. Karna kebetulan juga makeup-in org lain, hehehe...
      Iya lagi ada jerawat dan kmren sempet ada lecet jadi bengkak, emg hrs puasa pake bb cream dan teman2nya... thankyou ya! :D