Monday, December 16, 2013

Beauty Review : Some Snap Shoots of My Makeup Storage Tips

Excuse me for my feet there, lol. I'm kinda ocd or clean freak for makeup organization and storage. I never like to stand still and do nothing to make my little table looks different at least each month. Even i use my makeup for my own self or other people, i always make sure that all products are coming back in a right way to my makeup organization with clean condition. I always clean all eyeshadow cases even it's just a case. I love to see colors of my makeup so i do want to make them as not as ordinary makeup products which i use, but also as decorations inside of my drawers. I am obsessed, i know! But i don't care because this is my job. I do review, photoshoot, and also do makeup for other people except my self. So don't judge me because i am ocd about clean makeup storage and organization.

I think, i am going to make an updated makeup collection on my blog but i'm going to make the post until my organization is perfect enough. I don't want to turn everything ugly, lol. No one wants to see ugly and mess makeup collection, no one I am also want to filling the lipstick section of my drawer there. I want to buy the newest lipstick collection from Maybelline which is Color Sensational Bold Matte. They are coming with 5 different beautiful colors, i think they are going to fill up my lipstick section there beside my chanel and mac lipsticks. Drugstore and high end are making great relationship then. 

Tips :

1. By the way, i am using candy jars to store my cotton pads and also my makeup sponges. The smaller candy jars are for storing my lip balm (natural or tinted) and my hair bands + my acne gel treatment in it. I use decorative transparent glass for store my daily makeup brushes. I always use everything which is available in my kitchen, to be honest,...

2. I honestly organized all makeup products by brand or type of the product. Like i have one organizer with 4 drawers on it full of face based products such as foundation, concealer, cc cream, and bb cream. Follow this step for another types : face, eyes, skin care, extras, and etc. You can put a label on each drawer if you want to be more specific.

3. Organized your makeup products with creativity and always think about "this small place can storage more products, i need some idea". Make everything works especially if you have small vanity table like me. I honestly feel comfortable if i can sit on the floor in front of my little table and do my daily skin or makeup routine than sit on my chair (traditional asian girls' type, lol).

4. Do not buy expensive storages if you can buy the cheaper one at the local store. It's going to be wasted after you blow up your collection maybe for next year. Especially if you are a collector of makeup or a makeup artist. Your collection is always being bigger and bigger.

5. If you are afraid to make all your brushes get dusty on the top of your vanity, you can put them inside the makeup drawer or put them in the bigger candy jar which available with the lid. So it's closed and make them far away from dust!

6. Choose transparent, cream, or white organization/storage units for your makeup or skin care products. It's going to bring you a lighter effect at your room even you have so many stuff in it. It's making a larger and cooler dimension in your room. It's looking a lot nicer, even though your room theme isn't white or cream. Transparent, cream, or white are basic for any wall room colors.

I hope all information above can help you to like clean vanity and makeup storage or organization. Clean place for your makeup product is the most important thing, the products can be save and stay for a long time than the usual age. 

Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. great tips! x3
    do a vanity tour video cee :D

    cheer, michelle

    1. i will after i finish all the it's not going to be like a crap

  2. Hello, your tips sure are very useful. My boudoir looks like a mess lol, now time to fix it following your steps. Thank ya!