Thursday, December 5, 2013

Movie Review : G-Dragon One of A Kind 3D Movie Premiere in Jakarta

Finally i saw my fashion icon at the cinema after i went to his concert also in Jakarta. I could see him in 3D and with a great motion from our seats. I came with my friend Lisa and we enjoyed the movie so much. I really recommend this movie to all of you. No doubt baby! You are going to enjoy all his performances and songs. Haters are going to love him too after watch this movie. A real fashion lovers are going to love him even more because his amazing fashion taste and how he dressed up for his own stage was amazingly perfect! I did scream a lot damn it!!!! How come people didn't scream at that time, it was a crazy and fun movie as ever!

The way he smiled and he was dancing so well. He was rocking the stage and making everyone "crazy jumping". He did pray before every performance which he showed for the concert. He asked for God blessings, how amazing is that? A famous star never forgets about God blessings in his life. That's a good point. Down to earth and humble are his nicest attitudes. GAAAAAHH i love him even more.... I recorded some scenes on my instagram account make sure you go to my instagram to check it out, or on facebook! The lady at the cinema came to us because we recorded 16 seconds move scenes, lol i don't care because i'm not going to make it as plagiarism. I just want to posted on instagram so i'm going to remember that in my whole life.

Good luck and God Bless!


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