Monday, December 2, 2013

My Journey in Jakarta - Little Japan - Washoku Sato Japanese Restaurant

Washoku Sato Japanese Restaurant - Central Park Mall, West Jakarta

GOOD THINGS : I was crafting about japanese foods again with my friend Lisa and her sister. Try out this new restaurant at the local mall in Jakarta, Central Park Mall. Actually Central Park is freakin near to our houses. So it's not a big deal to go to the mall and try some new restaurants. The price is little bit expensive but the condition if you go in and sit down, are going to feel comfortable as well! The foods are extremely delicious. Like you definitely need to find new tastes than just ordinary japanese cuisines. The plating skills were pretty good. 


BAD THINGS : which happened when i was there. Because a lot of people still don't know who i am, exactly! Who am i? Not famous and not an important guest maybe? All the waitresses were smiling and laughing because i took so many photos of the foods to search new nice angles. The manager just sit there, he was just chillin. Until we finished our meals and we tried to pay. Total amount of our lunch (i just bought a desert) was Rp 117,800.00. Lisa gave Rp 157,800.00 so we could get a cash back in total Rp 40,000.00 (40 thousand). At the end, the waitress didn't give us the 40 thousand. We called the waitress again, she said "no change...". We called again and 3 waitresses came to our table. They said "guys you gave us same as the total amount which you need to pay....sorry no change...". We went to the cashier and asked a lot. They said "three of us already count your money and you gave us 117,800! No change!". They even described one by one of the money which Lisa gave for the bill. They had different answers from each person who already count on the money. Like did you start to lie to us!?

After i ask again "did my friend give 5000? 10,000? I believe my friend gave only one 5000 about 2000? how many 50,000 that she gave to you? No! if you said no 2000 why the crap there was 7000...there are going to be 5000+2000+800+(3x50000)...why all of you aren't counting in a right way? Can you count?" they said "uhh.. there's no 5000,..eehh wait there is 5000 but only 2 of 50000,...ehhh...." and the other waitress said to me "APAAN SIH?" in english will be "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" 

-kami tanya baik-baik jangan dijawab nyolot, ada ya blogger menipu? kami masih punya malu untuk menipu, apa lagi menipu hanya karena 40 ribu rupiah. Jelas-jelas kami 3 orang masing-masing aja udah keluarin 50 ribu masa 50 ribu yang kehitung cuma 2- (Indonesian pride) 

I'm not giving tips as much as this : Rp 40,000.00 (i must be really rich if i do...)

We asked for our will and you know we are customers also bloggers at the same time (even they don't know our job, no one cares either. But we published something on internet). 

We also have power of democracy to promote the GOOD and the BAD things which happened when we were there. But THE SIMPLE BAD ATTITUDE makes me don't want to come back to that restaurant :) it wasn't my fault. I better go to warung and they can count my money  in a right way. You know what i mean guys?

WELL AT THE END one of the waitresses was coming back and she was giving us our money back. She gave us with no smile and she said "iniii 40 ribunya! makasi!". She continued the "arguing moment" with all the waitresses. I don't like that attitude and the manager wasn't coming to clear up all the problems.

So i hope all of you learn something from the bad things which happened to us. Have a nice day! 

PS : I do not say this restaurant is not good! But please learn to give a good education how being a good waitress. A good restaurant have the dedicated and loyal waitresses. I hope the manager controls the restaurant as well. Small bad things can end up make so many negative side perspectives in costumers' mind.


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  1. hello,i am one of their cook by the way, thank you for your review,especially about the food that you ate. but i am so sorry about your bad experience at the end of your visit. looking forward to your next visit,
    best regard :))
    tri julianto

    sorry for my bad english.

    1. it's's just a little problem for the service at the restaurant... make sure it's going to be better soon for other people <3

      the rest are just amazing! the foods are delicious, it's coming faster than i thought before to our table, the art of the plating technique is simple but i love it, and the place's damn comfortable...really like it.

  2. God I should try this !

    1. YOU SHOULD! THOSE ARE DELICIOUS... their macha ice creams are good as well...