Friday, December 13, 2013

My Journey in Jakarta - Spending My Break

My Food Culinary Travels for this week, it's been my amazing week ever with my friends.

Warung Pasta - Kemang, South Jakarta

Mie Tarik Laiker Cabang Central Park - Central Park Mall, West Jakarta

Homemade Baked Bread with butter and chocolate + fresh milk

Nasi Campur Putra Kenanga Cabang MOI - Mall of Indonesia, North Jakarta

Rainbow Cake - Actually i got this from my mom and i forgot about the name, it's actually homemade cake by my mom's friend.

Beautiful Scenery - The Capital City of Indonesia, Jakarta captured in short scenery videos :

Go watch 1:29, 5:03, and 7:00 minutes video of how beautiful Jakarta is. I know many parts in this city which aren't good enough, you need a lot of time to make everything looks perfect right? So better we support the tourism in Indonesia especially to visit our amazing city, it's Jakarta! I hope many people keep shared about the positive things which happen in this city and not just spread the bad news everyday. You need to grow and learn from mistakes but you need to hide mistakes with your capabilities. 

So are you ready to enjoy your time in Jakarta? Well, it's gonna be fun though you aren't going home for Christmas. Do happy things at here with your friends and your closest family members. No need to get sad if you aren't going anywhere for Christmas and New Year Holiday.

Good luck and God Bless!


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