Thursday, December 26, 2013

Random : What did i get for Christmas 2013?

Finally updated newest post again. Lately i always do update Christmas edition post up to my blog. Please all grown up, i do not need to explain everything but i think i should because i believe some people are still thinking that i am bragging for the things which i already had or got from someone else. So i really want to make sure that i got all the stuffs from the cross gift with my cousins and family. I did spend my money to buy something from them as well. The positive thing is making our family relationship to be closer than before. We shared and we loving each other. The gift is not the big point on Christmas but the togetherness is the biggest exact point that you really need to get and make it stays.
I don't want to start some hate because i do really post something that honestly i had or i got. I didn't steal anyone's stuffs or anything, i hope i don't get any ridiculous email or comment which go to my blog notification. Everything which i review, i do check million time before i post it on my blog. Because it's so freaking risky to post something on internet. Let's start this Christmas with new positive minds and new hope for the New Year of 2014~
Good luck and God Bless!

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