Friday, January 31, 2014


SNSD Angels Cap  - La Dulce, Top - neychic, Skirt - Seven December, Sneakers - NIKE

Hello anybody here? SONE! Are you ready? 
Woot! A nice info for sone and kpop lovers out there, you can buy and pre order all cap of SNSD Angels Cap from SNSD live performance style. If you are sone or SNSD lovers you can absolutely order it via La Dulce Shop from instagram or twitter. Every order of Angels cap / snapback will get a cute hair strap from them! Such a nice deal huh? I clearly love the hair strap because it clips my hair back when i do my daily makeup ritual or skin care. It will not give your a hair clip mark on your hair and if you finish do your makeup, you ready to go!

Do not forget to contact La Dulce here : instagram & twitter

O yea, i won an instagram fashion competition and i got a purple skirt for free from Seven December. Such a cute skater skirt, i definitely want to wear this skirt more!


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Little Japan and Last Year Video Diary!

Good luck and God Bless!


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