Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Beauty Review x yes24 Indonesia : Etude House Rosy Tint Lips No.3 Rose Petal

BEAUTY REVIEW x yes24Indonesia

Welcome to the newest most interesting beauty review because i am doing a collaboration with and yes24 store which already opened in Indonesia called yes24Indonesia. yes24 Indonesia it self sells so many interesting product for cosmetics, skin care, and many accessories. Also you can search and buy fashion items, not only fashion items but also CD/DVD of kpop or international song. How amazing is that? In one website you can never go wrong to search information and buy something from this online store. Why do you need to try to visit yes24 and buy some products from them? Because it's way cheaper than you think because if you buy Korean or international quality products at the local mall in Indonesia, the products'll be more expensive than the real price in Korea or in the local producing country of the products. yes24 is of course an online store based in South Korea and now already opened publicly in Indonesia, so great news guys.... you can afford them in Rupiah not in Won or Dollar. Sometime it will be difficult for some people because not all of us have dollar or won, or even a credit card. yes24 gives you an easy way to shop many things in easiest, cheaper, and fastest way. Of course with quick responses, no delay for shipping, and offer you products with great quality only.



Positive things from the product :
I really love this lip color because it comes out matte but also it doesn't make your lips looking so dry like usual matte lip color which i apply on my lips. The packaging is nice and cute enough, it smells like a rose and rose is my favorite flower so no doubt for that. It's easy to applied on my lips and it gives me more personality yet you can be cute or fierce with it. I am glad that yes24 crew sent me this color because deep pink combined with red color of rose are my favorite lip color. I really love gradation lips technique, this kind of lip color also can be applied with gradation lips technique. So do not stop for trying gradation lips with this Rosy Tint Lips.

Negative things from the product :
Personally, i really love lip color with lip gloss applicator not with a sponge. It's making a lot of bacterias grow at the sponge deeply that we even can't see. How gross if you can imagine if you apply that on your lips. BUT!! The cheat way to avoid that you can easily remove the sponge and use your clean finger or lip brush yo apply on your lips! Problem now can be solve! I also recommend to Etude House if you want to make this kind of lip color make sure you do not make a squeeze tube for the packaging. It's not really that practical because you need to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze. I know maybe Etude House might think that squeezy tube can work to be practical but i think it's not going to be like that if you know what i mean (if you see other lip products). I think the logo is nice, cute and feminine. For the tube i think i prefer a little bit transparent with lip gloss look alike applicator so we can exactly see "do i already finish this yet?"


But overall i really appreciate the hard work of yes24 team that already give me an amazing opportunity to post an blog article and beauty review from them. I got the beauty products for free from them but this is my first chance to explain about yes24 publicly to you guys! I hope all of you like this post and also the result. I work hard on the natural makeup. I think because the product is so feminine, i need to look a little bit tame for this. lol! I actually prefer use beanie and jumper to take a photo right? But lately i am not, i am trying to work harder to act different on some blog posts which i posted.


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  2. I just got this too. And couldnt agree more that I dislike the sponge applicator too. Thanks for sharing the cheat way ^^