Saturday, January 11, 2014

David Choi x Maudy Ayunda Media Press Conference-Gathering & Show Case

I was happy and thanks yesterday was awesome. I took some photos of them but i am not uploading all of the photos to my blog. I just shared some for you guys, i hope all of you feel happy too and support David as always. I am really his big fan actually i started to watch youtube stars on youtube since Ryan Higa posted his first video. After that i found out his channel and subscribe (David's) his channel. I think he is so romantic, funny, humble, calm, and talented. Actually there was no photo session or meet and greet such as...All fans just got free show case cause yesterday was only press conference and media gathering. Me and Lisa were so lucky to saw him since the first conference and show case was started. 

Me and Lisa were also meeting up with Maudy Ayunda, we already saw her at H&M VIP Night Party which is a private party for people who have the invitation. So it's not a big surprise to see her prettiness. I love her voice because her voice is so pure. She sang "Perahu Kertas - Official Soundtrack" 

Just wanna say to david's fans, i am also david's big fan but please control your emotion. I saw someone was bringing up a chair and she said "david was sitting on this chairr!" she screamed like crazy and david maybe heard that when he was away. It feels so awkward, because you need to bring out your nice attitude in front of people there cause it was in public even though I know David is also crazy and funny in the same time. Make him respect to you so someday he does really want to go back to Indonesia, especially meeting his fans in Jakarta. You get the point la~ :)


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  1. OMGGG~ me jelly! x3
    he look so cute and adorable :D

    cheer, michelle

    1. he is so cute and funny in real life, plus he is so humble... <3

  2. aaaa, so envy ! im a fans of him :(
    margaret you're so lucky :(

    1. aww :") i think i time you just need to come, this event is free for his fans and i am just lucky to be there to participate the media conference ... :)