Friday, January 3, 2014

Random : Hello 2014!

So here they are, my first selca pictures in 2014 updated on my blog. I obsess with red lips lately because i don't know, i think it's making my lippy looks better in red lips. The other thing i really love gradient lippy as well. I love to make gradient lips effect and it's so freaking easy. If you aren't makeup expert you can see many tutorial about that on youtube and other beauty blog. 

Next is my new book for this year. I write everything in it! I write about my targets, resolutions, and hopes. Sometime i shared my stories there as well. I think someday if i get older or i already passed 2014 i can open this book again and nostalgia is my main point to say. This book is unique because it has direction how to write on that book. Like you can write a letter for your self in the past and write a letter for your self in the future. How crazy is that? But it's interesting! It's only $4 at Gramedia or local Indonesian Book Store. I was born in 90's so i really love the "Generasi 90an" book and "Diary Suka-suka Generasi 90-an" diary. It brings a lot of memories and also make me think about my future. 

Do you want to start your great journey now? I hope you do! Because i always make great ones every year even sometime bad fucked up my life but see i can go through all of those bad things. So do you! Get inspired and work harder than before. But don't forget work hard and play hard ;)

I uploaded some holiday pictures and video on my instagra, make sure you follow and check them out! @margaretavania

Newest Videos update on my channel and my blog post :
Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. beautiful~ I love your eyes <3<3
    the diary looks funny x3

    cheer, michelle

  2. super cute book!
    btw love your selfie :D
    Happy New Year :)