Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 2014 : Early Mini Haul

Finally i got my own after almost everyone does have that New Balance in their life. Mine is New Balance 574 series, i believe it's not coming from the 574 classic series. The classic series shoes are coming with contrast colors and more eye friendly (not make your eyes hurt when you see the shoes). I'm going to use that shoes to my university because it's so freaking comfortable and protect my feet really well. So i don't mind if not only me in this world who have that New Balance shoes with the same color as what i bought. I just choose that series because the colors are red, grey, white, and black. The red is actually darker than the photo, it's coming more like maroon color. All my favorite colors all in one. I actually really want to get the shoes from encap series, but it's so freaking expensive. I need to save more money!

By the way i have an online store recommendation if you want to get your sport shoes with affordable prices. Of course you can get another amazing sport shoes that cheaper from the mall price at Menolaaaa online store. You can contact Menolaaaa via instagram : @menolaaaa - I believe you can ask for the original shoes and maybe the premium quality one aka the replika with high quality or the original but rejected from the stores (directly from the factory) so you can get half prices.

The other one it's just a jumper and it's down to my knees so do not need to wear pants, just need a short to cover up my butt just in case someone is using a mirror to chase something inappropriate, lol. The number 8 reminds me of G-Dragon and Infinity. The number it self comes with leather material, it's so cool! I can't wait to pair it with beanie or heeled sandals, or even paired with cute socks and my NB Shoes. I got this for $33 only at ZARA TRF series from $60.

Upcoming stuffs that might be reviewed :

-Original Givenchy Bambi Black Neoprene Sweater (last year Fall season - 2013) 
(I got from sale from click the link to see the price now! I heard you can get the inspired one at CHOIES only $20,99.. so i recommend that store! Lucky you if you live in the US! )
-Up button High Waist Pants
-ZARA Bomber Jacket 

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Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. congrats on the new year haul dear!... fyi.. I'm still pretty behind, i don't own any new balance... yet :))