Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Journey in Jakarta - Little Japan and Last Year Holiday Video Diary!

Yey! New video is coming up again to my youtube channel. Maybe some of you curious about my free time habits. I almost spend my whole time at university and home. When i get free time i choose to go jamming and having fun with my friends. In other time i am going outside also for a blog shoot, so definitely i can balance my fun and work time together. I really love to go for food culinary so do not expect something big from my free time habits. Food culinary is always being in my bucket list. Do not forget to go to the coolest local brand boutique, because that's an important thing to support local brand.

Next video is going to be tutorial! My first ever official tutorial and i am going to speak in Korean and English to make everything easier. I am going to make a quick and easy straight eyebrow tutorial or baby face looking eyebrow tutorial. I hope the video will be updated as soon as possible and help a lot of my readers and viewers. 

Btw check my friend's version for Little Japan Video Diary / Vlog!


Newest Videos update on my channel and my blog post :

Good luck and God Bless!


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