Monday, January 6, 2014

Polish Style

Inner - Unbranded, Outer - Trifty N Co., Skirt - New Look London, Tattoo Stocking - La Dulce, Platform - Ragazza Online Shop, Bag - ELLE Paris

I am going back to my university tomorrow morning, because of that i really want to make comeback to school theme fashion post. Do you like it? By the way i got the white creamy outer or vest from my blogger friend. Shout out for her! Arissa and Octavia! They are the founders and owners of Trifty N Co. which is an online store based on twitter, instagram, and tumblr. You can search more information by following Trifty N Co. to catch up the latest update from them. Trifty N Co. is selling 2nd hand and brand new stuffs with affordable prices! Even you can find high quality fashion items start from $3 or Rp 30,000.00.... Isn't that crazy? How affordable all of those stuffs?

Go follow and buy yours at Trifty N Co. 
Trifty N Co. Owner Contact : Arissa (Instagram - Twitter) & Octavia (Instagram - Twitter)

Personally because i really love white or cream color so much, i would to say thankyou for Trifty N Co. who already gave me this vest as beautiful present. So i presented back in a beautiful way! Good luck!

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Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. this outfit look so cute on youuuu x3
    loving the stocking and hairstyle so much :D

    cheer, michelle

    1. thankyou Michelle <3 <3
      yeap me too! i love that stocking, i just wore it twice i believe :") i need to wear it more often...

  2. You are too cute~!! Your outfit makes me want to go to a private school or school in Japan so I can wear their uniforms ha! You really rock the outfit! Love the tights and your shoes <3


    1. the shoes is cheap only less than $15 , for a platform shoes is such a nice deal right?
      go for it! go to Japan to get a cute uniform and feel the private school there ;)

  3. Soo cuuutee. Very nice for student who will go back to the activity (read:go to school) but still in a cool look!

  4. super loveee the uniform inspired look! :D so cute!

    Pudding Monster

  5. one of my fav looks of your !