Sunday, January 5, 2014

Random : What things did happen in 2013?

Thank you for the great journey, thank you for people who support me, thankyou for people who do not like me because every time you give your hate, i am going to be a better person. Thank you for all the prayers for me, thank you, thank you, and thank you! Let's start the flashback!

1. Featured on instagram and other website
All of these pictures combined together to be in one frame. Each of them is featured one time by medias on instagram. So i do not retake and put the same photo which featured on the same instagram media account. They are ootdindo, idfashionlook, fasyen, channelworldwide, what i wear, isweariwear, tipsybangkok, La Dulce and many other instagram media accounts that i can't mention one by one. Thanks for featured photos of me or my photo collection such as my favorite stuff which i uploaded on instagram. Sometime if i post OOTD picture there are 3 instagram media accounts that featured the same OOTD pictures of me. So it feels delightful and i feel somebody appreciate my work.

Take some photos and post them on social media also on my blog are need more efforts than you probably think. Editing , resize, and write an interesting caption to make readers get attracted and decide to open my blog are the biggest efforts which i need to take every time i post a new post.

Over than 54 featured moments which already published on instagram by other people and instagram media accounts! THANKYOU!

2. I had an opportunity to hold my own very first Seminar at University of Indonesia

Thank you for all people who decided to contact me. I could participate on your event, i felt such an honor to gave my contribution with students from University of Indonesia from German Literature Major there. I really look forward for the next event.

3. I had a chance to join INFARE (Indonesia Fashion Care) Bazaar to help unfortunate people around us.

The designer of ABOCS, Cath Soepadi was contacting me via sms and she was letting me know about this event. I actually didn't want to join this event because at first i thought "oh it's just an ordinary bazaar" but after i knew that "margaret, your money go for charity! you can help the people who are in need". At that time i was just "OKAY DEAL". I earn not a lot but i think it's enough to help a lot people by sold my 2nd hand stuffs and new stuffs at my booth for 2 days. 

4. I met my readers in real life!

I honestly think that i can never see my readers in real life. Finally God gave me his answer. I could meet some of my readers at INFARE event and honestly i met a lot of new friends as well. I met my old friend again on that day, i was really happy to see her! It has been 4 years since the last meeting.

5. I got scholarship and accepted at International Relations Major

I got scholarship because my high school report scores were good enough and my TOEFL score are high up over than 550. So i was feeling grateful for that. I love my parents, i hope i can help them and make they feel happy to have me!

6. I was giving my speech at my high school graduation ceremony

I think i do not need to describe it more. I was giving my speech in front of important people from my school, principal, teachers, all parents, and all my friends. It's just an ordinary speech with extraordinary content because i was sharing my experience when i was studying there for 3 years and i gave my big thanks to all teachers also for all my friends.

7. I made until Big 120 of TOP GIRL 2013 THEFACESHOP INDONESIA + The Big 12 Most Voted of TOP GIRL 2013 THEFACESHOP INDONESIA

Even i was not winning this competition, i believe i got some experience for my own life. Thanks! 

8. I got Merry Riana's sign and her short famous inspired words "Pasti Bisa!"

9. I met my favorite stars and took photo with them.

Nothing can describe than a happiness to see my favorite Indonesian actors, this is just one of my favorite photos after all.

10. I went to the H&M VIP Opening Night Party

I met so many stars as well, such as Afgan, Maudy Ayunda, Dimas Beck, and many more. I took photo with Mike Lewis and he gave me a warm hello. Such a nice birthday present!

11. I accepted as LO for the Asian English Olympic in Jakarta 2014, It's going to be held at Bina Nusantara University

I accepted from an audition and finally on February i believe, i can help this event to be held in Jakarta. I am being Liaison Officer of AEO 2014 

12. I went to GD One Of A Kind Concert and Watch his movie Premiere!

I saw him in real life !!!!!! I couldn't say a thing anymore, it was just awesome!!!!!!


Many things actually did happen in 2013 but i can't describe and share every single thing on my blog because it's going to be freaking long. But I hope you can feel happy the same as i do to share this post. Nothing to brag about my self, we already grown up. I hope you do understand why i share this on my blog. I keep my blog updated eventually because i feel,...i need to feed my blog a lot more with an amazing content to see and read. I also updated my youtube channel so if you are lazy to read my blog, you can hear me talking and see me on camera from your tablet, phone, or your PC. 

All the things which i always do, the point is just the same. I want make you happy everytime you check my blog and everytime you search my name on google or social media, you get what you really want to get! More post and interesting info! I don't want to be a blogger who just easily post something and then leave this blog alone until other people shared their responses without get my feedback. (Kalo orang Indonesia bilang, pembacanya dikacangin. Seolah-olah blogger ternama yang udah sibuk sekali sampe lupa ada pembaca yang responnya harus direspon balik.) Sometimes famous bloggers still catch up online with their readers even hold a meet up event to make good relationship with the readers. So i hope i can grow up as a great blogger, student and person.



  1. you achieved a lot in 2013, so happy for you :D
    may more blessings come in your way through this year ;;)
    btw GD looks super hot that time :')

    cheer, michelle

  2. whoa i dont know what should i say, i just feel really happy when i read this post. i hope you'll receive more things in 2014.
    well, i dont know why but i feel really excited when i see your post. stories, photos, etc, they're all make my days. keep blogging, girl :)