Friday, January 3, 2014


Beanie - La Dulce, Inner - gifted, Outer - Boy London Sweater for man, Jeans - LOGO, Socks - TOPSHOP, Sneakers - CONVERSE

excuse my tired faces, i took these photos at midnight after i got back from the airport

Finally i am back from my holiday and this is my first fashion post for 2014! Happy new year guys! Let's work harder and have fun. Do not make everything complicated because life is already complicated. Work your ass off to get your dreams come true. I already updated some of my blog feature here. I uploaded more press and media photos of me. Thank you for capturing my photo collections and uploaded to your website or social media. It works a lot to take benefits between you and me. I get more readers and your website gets more contents. I love you guys! Hope for the best! I already write so many new year resolutions because i have targets for 2014, wish me luck! I am going to study harder to show you that i can do something bigger each year.

Newest Videos update on my channel and my blog post :
Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. I love your sweater, btw Happy new year dear :)