Monday, January 13, 2014

My Journey to Solo [Surakarta] - Traveling with My Little Brother

I was back from my favorite city called Surakarta (Solo) in Central Java, Indonesia. You can go anywhere to find delicious foods aka culinary travel with your family. This post is actually dedicated for my little brother because he is not really getting featured on my blog, so i decide to post some of his pictures with me while we were traveling back then to celebrate Christmas and New Year Break. Sometimes i practice to control my emotion because of him because he does tease me a lot at home, lol. So if i get some hurtful comments on social media definitely my brother already did the most hurtful one so i learn to do not get a fuck off to haters except they are spamming on my blog and social media accounts. Who are you like you are the most perfect and right person? lol Do not get any star syndrome.

I was having so much fun there and i got sick. The bad time was i just got sick so i need to went to the local hospital for 2 days at least and i got a total rest time. But over all i really always want to come to this little clea city. So full of cultural lifestyle and modern lifestyle combined. So unique!

Btw out of topic for awhile, sometime i get hurtful comments. They said i wear and buy fake products. Sometime i get endorsement or product that i even don't care it's fake or not, because this is Indonesia man! You need to do what you need to do, my job is making a review, post information, and also endorse some online store. The online stores ask me to help them. Even local magazine mentioned the fake Kenzo Paris Sweater with cheap price (aka made in Bangkok) and no one cares! But some people do differently to bloggers for some reason. This is my own blog and this is a personal blog so please i don't get a fuck! I write and i mention what i really want to be mentioned. If I wear real stuffs or original stuffs you said my stuffs are fake, when i use fakes you are going to say i have no money. LOL judgmental always there but please  this is my personal style blog, you can't control me dude! I don't know what is the point you are hating on me or to NOSY of my life alias kepo. None of my businesses are yours! so gtfo! =] If you want me to be show off to prove that i have my own money, okay then! I'm going to do it for the next fashion post! So beware of your mouth, if you need some prove from me,..well wait for it! I don't want to make a war and showing off, but you need to stfu sometimes and let people do what they need to do. You do what you really need to do! Improve your self rather than shared hurtful comments on other people's works.


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Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. Traveling with siblings can be nerve wracking :P and for the people saying bad things about you (poor, fake items etc) go show them that you are unbeatable in the next post! looking forward to it marg ;) kill them!

    Pudding Monster

    1. thanks twinzies for the support! Sometimes i get dizzy to go travel with my brother because he is so hyper active and noisy at the same time, lol. But it's fun at least....

  2. love reading your blog, It's very refreshing and genuine and I really appreciate that :)
    anyway, would you like to follow each other?


    1. sure, why not? i am going to share my comment on your blog then.

  3. you look very pretty <3

  4. you two seems to be close~ :p
    yesss that's so true!! just ignore them haters and just do what you want cii :D

    cheer, michelle

    1. we are close but we often to get into fight as well, lol.
      thank you for the support michelle! I just have my emotion limit for annoying haters, i believe it's just the same person who uses anonymous ... my comment bar is being full of trash.. :(