Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yellow Skirt

Inner - ZARA Basic, Outer - ZARA, Skirt - NGOG21, Sandals - Payless

I got a new unique neon yellow skirt. It's freaking brave to wear this at public because the color is freaking neon. This is a handmade skirt that you can order at NGOG21 a fashion brand or fashion line based at Medan. They ship the skirt to your house safely and they have a professional also friendly service. You can find them on instagram : NGOG21 Instagram. Try to make your own skirt and let them make it for you! 

Do recognize that i always a repeated pose on my photos, lol. I'm kinda liking repeated my own poses on camera. Maybe it looks boring or lame but who cares. I even do not care to my own poses, if the picture turns good then i just upload it. HAHAHA.


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Good luck and God Bless!


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