Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Beauty Review : My Dermatologist or Skin Specialist - Erha 21 Clinic

(natural photos, i am just using CC Cream Minimal Coverage + Etude house Lip Tint)

Hello! I'm back again, yes today i am going to talk about my skin dermatologist therapy with Erha 21 Clinic. This is not an endorsement or sponsorship post but this is a true post about my argument about Erha Clinic.

First, i started to use skincare products from Erha Clinic at the middle of September 2013 and until now i am still using my 5 skincare products from Erha. I use 1 eye gel and 4 other products are face cream.

The products are :
1. Erha 21 Under Eye Suppressor (I use this since 2012 i believe)
2. Erha 21 AMG3 (i don't know about the complete name, i just check the label series)
3. Erha 21 AF5
4. Erha 21 AFTSS
5. Erha 21 AF3

I have a sinsitive skin with dry and oily combined skin type. So my skin condition just worst, i need to go to skin specialist to handle my skin problems. 

My problems are :
1. When i went to the clinic, i have an infection around my eyes but clearly it's because the big acne. The acne just swollen and it was hurt as hell.
2. I have small acnes exactly they are everywhere around cheek and forehead.
3. I have a yellow skin tone but the yellow color is not healthy, i need more nutrition for my skin. (I actually drink a lot of water and eat fruits etc. but my skin just worst)
4. I have dark circle around my both eyes due lack of sleep everyday. I just clearly sleep for 3-4 hours each day. Indonesian students just crazy if they work really hard to achieve something (i believe almost asian students in catholic/christian school also feel this, i am not being racist but sometime our school just be over to teach unimportant subjects).

Gossip or Hoax :
If some people say do not use Erha because you can't get rid of those products from your skin, pffttt....really? I already stop to use Erha After December and until the early of February my skin is still fine. I think it depends on how your skin problem is. If you don't protect what you are going to eat or drink, not work out enough, and not happy enough,... you might be get your skin even worst after you don't use any of their skin care products. 

Tips :
I think if you are using Erha same as me, you need to care more about your self. Skin specialist and skin care products just help you to get fast recovery. Only stop until that step! How to continue? 

1. It's from your own self to make everything goes nice and smooth by eat fresh fruits, drink so much water not soda, and avoid eat something bad such as junk foods or instant noodles because those things contain so many bad fats. Fat - Oily - Hormone - Acne. Control your hormonal system by change your habit. 
2. Change your pillow cover like twice or once a week. Clean your bed oftenly!
3. Put moisturizer to your skin.
4. If you can't sleep early make sure you change your daily life habit so you will feel better.

Fact about my skin now :
My skin is a lot brighter than before and i lost a lot of Acne problem. My skin condition type is still the same but i can control all of the problems. I can control my hormone so my skin is not becoming to dry, oily, or even too sensitive. 

Hope this quick review can help you and i believe some people are afraid to go to Erha Clinic because that such as gossip because it is actually depending on each person. I believe each person has different argument or experience. But for you who did get bad experiences, you need to check your daily habit! ;)

Goodluck dear,
Margareta Vania


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Good luck and God Bless!


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