Thursday, February 20, 2014

Indonesia Fashion Week 2014

Hello! Finally i can go to another fashion week moment. I am going to the spectacular fashion moment in Indonesia, this is Indonesia Fashion Week 2014. As a Fashion Blogger i need to go to fashion week to shoot some moments, search more inspirations from the experts, and also to find so much fun there with some people. I am going with my blogger partner, Lisa who always help me to take fashion photos and etc. She is just like more than a school friend for more than 2 years.

Personally i really love to watch runaway the biggest problem is always getting hungry when i was inside the venue. Sadly i also can't go for 4 days complete of this fashion week. I just go to fashion week on Friday and maybe Sunday. My schedule as housefam and another invitation to pageant occasion make me need to sacrifice my time for fashion week. Well but technology now already perf, i can keep updated even tho i am not there.

But i'm going to go there tomorrow, if some people see me on the street just come to me and say hi! I really happy to meet some of my readers. I am going to wear monochrome outfits because i love monochrome you already knew that. I think i can't say anything else about this but because of you all i can be the official blogger partner at IFW 2014. If i don't have enough readers probably i can't go as a blogger (press) / media partner at fashion week.

Honestly Indonesian bloggers really help Indonesia Fashion Week in publication and reviews. I think Indonesia need to appreciate bloggers more than we usually do. In other countries many of them see that work as a blogger is not easy at all and blogger can handle the world because of course all bloggers are being control-er of Internet. Once news was being spread, dang! You can feel the difference then. So appreciate it! We make some brands and people exist.

But also as a blogger i need to give my full respect to the expert, without them i can't learn any good things of fashion world. One thing! You never can judge fashion. Each person has different style and sense, actually no one can judge others. 


By the way out of the topic for a second, my friend Fadhila Hananing Estu went to Big 7 Miss Indonesia 2014, she is Miss Lampung 2014. So here it was my photo with her 2 years ago at the final night of Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan 2012. She was the winner of Best Photogenic 2011 and i was the winner of Best Photogenic 2012. I am her junior even we have the same age. Congratulations my dearest family! You inspired me a lot!


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Good luck and God Bless!


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