Saturday, February 1, 2014

On The Road

Outer - LOGO Jeans, Inner - Silver Scented for INFARE, Jeans - LOGO Jeans, Shoes - Converse, Beanie - La Dulce 

Finally post some fashion ootd photos with my friends from Youth and Sport Ambassador of South Jakarta or famous with the name of Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan. We are the alumni from RC and now we are being reunited again. Not all my friends are coming but at least 3 of us can take a photo together. The rest of my friends are in the building because they are joining a sport competition. 

Here are my friends' name, Pandu Waskitha and Sindy Clara. No doubt with their brains quantity and quality lol! 

If you recognize my top, i already wore it once on my fashion post. I got it from Silver Scented's booth at Indonesia Fashion Care Bazaar event or called INFARE, the owner name is Rehana and she is also my blogger friend. She is older than me and yea it's not being a big problem between us.


Newest Videos update on my channel and my blog post :
Little Japan and Last Year Video Diary!

Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. Cool outfit!! I like your hairstyle!! awesome pink highlight =]
    Nice beanie

  2. Aaak kasual aja gayanya tetep keceee, love your hair so muchh :*

  3. cool~ love the beanie :D

    cheer, michelle