Saturday, February 15, 2014

Random : A New Comer from Germany

Long time no see guys! Finally i update something again on my blog. It's because i'm just being busy lately. An internship  student comes to my home, she is coming from Germany. So far away from my country Indonesia. She is going to stay with me until April 2nd, 2014. She is gong to sleep with me in the same room. It's going to be my first ever to be a house family of internship event. Her name is Anna and probably if she found my blog, i am going to say hi!

So today it's actually her 3rd day in Jakarta. On the 1st day, she arrived in Jakarta and at least she arrived at my home around 12 AM. Because she had a jetlag, so i decided to not go anywhere else except just let her got time to sleep well. Wake up on the 2nd day, it's actually February 14th, 2014. 2nd day it's a Valentine's day and i was asking her to get some lunch at nearest mall in West Jakarta, of course it's going to be Central Park Mall.

We arrived at Central Park Mall and i just need to took some cash from the ATM Machine. After that i give a little tour of the mall, she said that she never see a mall like this at her place. All malls in Jakarta are freaking mega big than the supermall in Germany or at her place. At least the local mall in Germany it's not this big, she said. So the thing which was interesting,... this mall is fulling by restaurants from local indonesian foods until restaurants from other country. Well i said that Indonesian people love to eat so much, even we have so many different cultures and of course each place has different kind of foods.

Finally, we decided to try the ramen restaurant to eat the signature ramen from this restaurant. It's my favorite place to go which is called Ikkudo Ichi. This restaurant is not old yet and almost people already recognize this restaurant. From $4 until $6 range prices for ramens. She said that she liked the ramen a lot. 

So today it's going to be her 3rd day in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have a blogger interview today and i think i will ask her to follow me to the interview, i really want to ask her to get a thai iced tea which is my favorite drink after all. After that we will go to watch Robocop at blitzmegaplex or local cinema at the mall. I know i need to introduce more about the traditional things about indonesia, but i need help from my friend to accompany me with her to go to the Old City and buy some batik dresses/clothes so she can bring those back to Germany. She said that she really wants to buy the signature stuffs from Indonesia. Well, challenge accepted!

On Monday February 17th, 2014 i am going to Dufan and Seaworld at Jaya Ancol Dream Land aka Amusement Park in Jakarta. A little bit same as Disney Land but i think it's better because all people can play and i think it's not like for small kids fantasy land. You need to try to go there when you visit Jakarta especially if you are a foreigner.
So this is it, my story about this month, i thanked to God because i can feel a lot of experiences in the early of 2014. So many good things happened in this early year, i hope it's going to be wonderful as well in the end of 2014.


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Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. wow how cool is that! having a foreigner from Germany stay in your house with you! you're lucky! is she going to college here or wht? :DD
    I love Ikkudo Ichi ramen in central park either! dat place always being crowded by customers.

    1. you like to go there as well? woaaa we need to have some lunch together sometimes ;)
      she is going to presented her presentation about global warming or something at my university,... so yea just same like student exchange but she is being called an internship student from Germany :)