Sunday, March 16, 2014

Alien Weirdo

 (too contrast)

Person behind my blog photos : Lisa Stefanny - she is wearing a sweat shirt from AW_Wardrobe from Indonesia Fashion Week 2014


My outfit details 
Top from INFARE 2, Choker - Lunar Cult, Beanie - H&M, Skirt - Seven December, Socks - TOPSHOP, Shoes - NB, Bag - my mom's LV

I am being brave to look like an alien weirdo and walking through the public park. I am wearing so many fun colors in one outfit. Do not judge be! Because i dare to look different in one day. 

Btw, I also had an amazing experience few days ago because i got invited to @america or American Culture Centre in Jakarta (at Pacific Place mall). I met the representative from the Embassy of United State, Mr. Cassey. Some other representative from Enbassy of Polland and Ukraine. We were joining the Panel Discussion about the The Crisis that happened in Ukraine in Global Context. But surprisingly the Ambassador of Russia in Indonesia came to the duscussion and he was mad because he didn't get the invitation. lol! I felt sorry for him


My Secret to Look Confident with Black and White outfits x Rexona Indonesia : click here!

Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. cici really prettyyy

    xxo , dea

  2. this outfit is so cute i love it omg!! xxx

  3. soo cutee mar, love your skirt !

  4. so colorful and gorgeous as always Marg! :D

    Pudding Monster

  5. love your sweater !!

  6. The words on your beanie and your top is kinda extreme, but I like it though :). I am your new follower Margareta. Come take a peek at my blog.

    1. thats called a RAD outfits ;) well GDRAGON AND CL must be have a lot of haters because i got inspired by