Sunday, March 16, 2014

Atamerica (@america) - Panel Discussion : The Crisis in Ukraine in a Global Context

Well, i am the type of person who never want to do just a single thing but i really love to do plural things. It means i love to learn so many things in my life. I am not the type of person who always get A in every subject in my major. But honestly my scores aren't bad tho. I am an ordinary student who has dream big which i believe it can change my whole life in the future. You never can buy experiences. So that's why i search for those things in my life and captured the moments.

My major got invited by American Culture Centre at Jakarta - @america Pacific Place, for joined the Panel Diccussion about The Crisis in Ukraine in a Global Context. I met so many amazing educated people there. I learn more about Ukraine, Polland, US, and also Russia. But sadly the Ambassador of Russia in Indonesia didn't get invited, as you know they had love hate relationship since long time ago. (You might know if you learn International History or International Modern History in your university).

I did want to hear the other parts of thoughts not only from Ukraine and US, but the to the point arguments from Russia as well. Surprisingly The Ambassador of Russia in Indonesia was sitting down with the audience / students from Russian studies, University of Indonesia. That was the epic moment in my life because i saw the real condition where there were some representatives from Ukraine, US, Polland, Indonesia, and Representative from EU been together in the same room with The Ambassador of Russia who didn't get invited. 

The Ambassador of Russia gave the final sentences, He said "Before we ended up the Panel Discussion, i really regret that a discussion like this which is having connection to my country and i am as The Ambassador of Russia in Indonesia didn't get invited. I also regret that some of you are giving so many critics to my country. I also want to share my opinion and argument to response this issue, but i think i can't talk any longer because the discussion is over and i think we need a lot of time if we give our reactions to each other."

He also asked the final question for the Representative from Embassy of US, Mr. Cassey. The point was "how is your reaction to response this issue, how could you handle this?" such as like that. But it was the funniest moment because some of my friends said "go fight! go fight! go fight!", they are just joking and luckily they didn't scream out loud because the Ambassador of Russia already been pissed out.

Good luck and God Bless!


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