Monday, March 3, 2014

Beauty Review : 3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigment - ISSUE

I'm getting obsess with aliens and bold neon colors. I got this 3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigment from @rebelgirlstuff. The owner is just too nice to me and i am glad that i got this for free from her. Rebel Girl Stuff is an online store based on instagram and the store is selling some girly stuffs such as makeup and fashion items. All are authentic and no fake at all! So trusted! Well i will make a quick review because it's just one tiny little beauty product. 

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How To Apply :
- You can mix the color with other lip pigment colors that come out from the series.
- Or you just use one color for your lip color.
- Use your lip brush to apply or choose to not use lip brush and you get stain on your finger.
- You can use it as your blusher or cheek stain as well.
- Just need a bit to apply and then spread it out, you are done!

Positive :
- It's so damn pigmented.
- Color is so nice and pop up your look and i so feel RAD!
- Stay longer than usual lipstick.
- Easy to apply and can be mixed up with other colors.
- It smells nice, but I am so bas decribing a smell of this product. It smells like a fruit (an orange maybe).

Negative :
- For the first time i squeezed the tube, i can see and feel an oil came out.
- But yea i can't find any bad things about this product!

Usual price in Rupiah around : Rp 140,000.00 - Rp 190,000.00 worth your money because you just need a bit amount of product to be applied and it already gives a nice pop up color.


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Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. lovely colour!!
    is it red colour or orange?? it looks same hehe

    xoxo, ditth

    1. It doesn't look the same dear :3 the color is exactly neon orange. Same as the packaging color.
      You can try to buy it from @rebelgirlstuff because the owner only sells the original products, beware for the fake one.


    2. thanks for your info cii! hihiiii (:

      xoxo, ditth

  2. the color looks very nice indeed! def going to check it out <3 enjoy reading your review!


  3. wowww~ so vibrant! the color suits you very well ci! x3

    cheer, michelle