Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fashion Day and Meeting Up - Season 2

 Agam, Me, and our another future designer Ilonk Sarizqi

Surya, Me, Agam, Jhangir Desfrandanta 

Photographed by Lisa Stefanny

My Outift Details :
Crop Blazer - The Executive, BRAVE Tshirt - ZARA, Skort - ZARA, Shoes - New Look, Bag - My Mom's, Choker - Lunar Cult

20 days ago, we met up for the first time but it was a second time to met Agam (the boy who wears glasses). Definitely we make our schedule to fit in for the next meet up. So yesterday night, we met up again at Grand Indonesia Mall. I know it was Saturday night and Grand Indonesia's such a huge mall. A lot of people want to enjoy their night with family, friends, and their couple. Guess what? I got stuck at the traffic. Like i was stay on the road (of course i went with my father with our family car) for 2 hours. It was just a disaster! Even we just need to went inside the parking building, we need to waited for at least 45 minutes to arrived at the West Mall lobby.

But everything was paid offff! Finally i enjoyed my saturday night with them, i also took Lisa with me to enjoy Saturday night together chit and chat, shared some moments, and yeah we met new friends again. Such a nice thing because this world, it's just a small world because friend of mine also is friend of one of them. Can't wait to have another Fashion Day and Meeting Up maybe in "adventure" theme, so we can go to Dufan or Theme Park.

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Good luck and God Bless!


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